Mar 28, 2016

Canadian Government "Wants" 305,000 New Non-Whites in 2016

via White GeNOcide Project

Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum, wants to take 305,000 immigrants and so-called “refugees” in 2016, despite 60% of Canadians against the government’s admission of 25,000 Syrians.

It outlines a significant shift in immigration policy towards reuniting more families, building our economy and upholding Canada’s humanitarian traditions to resettle refugees and offer protection to those in need” McCallum said.

He said the government will also spend more money on the immigration system, so that immigrants can come into the country quicker.

This would be the highest number of immigrants to be allowed into Canada in decades.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of Canadians are against Syrian immigration according to a poll. So the city of Toronto is spending tax payer’s money to manipulate public opinion, and make people pro-immigration.

In February, the Toronto city council granted $220,000 to the “Newcomer Office”, which they are using to force their agenda in public education.

Toronto has a city-wide “Public Education Campaign Against Xenophobia, Islamophobia and Racism.” Also known as brainwashing.

What is driving the anti-refugee attitudes at the moment is a very specific kind of xenophobiasaid Debbie Douglas, who is managing the campaign.

We wanted to be as provocative as possible, so that Torontonians are pushed out of their comfort zone and examine their own stereotypes, assumptions, prejudices, rumours, and racist views” she said.

The agenda to flood formerly White countries with millions of non-White immigrants is called “diversity” by the anti-Whites who push for it. When they say “diversity”, what the mean is destroying White majority areas, and that is White genocide.

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