Mar 10, 2016

Diversity Outreach to Cover-Up Economic Illiteracy

via Alternative Right

At the last Canadian federal election, Canadians expressed their will to "make a political change." Many felt that ten years of Conservative rule had been enough for them.

It wasn't that the country had been mismanaged or anything like that. They simply felt they needed "change" and Justin Trudeau, the flamboyant leader of the Liberals, represented just that. The Conservatives had applied a libertarian-inspired approach along the lines of "the less you hear about the federal government, the better things are," while Justin was more a "look at me" histrionic personality.

Even before being elected, he presented himself like a rock star, going to all sorts of events and taking hundreds of selfies every day. He even posed with a half-naked lesbian at a gay parade. For the younger generation, he represented "modernity." For the different interest groups, he was "Mr. Diversity." He saw no contradiction in courting the vote of Radical Islamists immediately after attending Gay Pride.

Many people today complain about the Liberal Party's economic policies, which are expected to bring about a 150 billion dollar deficit within five years, something never seen before. But, it must be remembered, that economics is only what it is, namely economics. The economic catastrophe Canada is heading towards under Trudeau’s leadership is nothing compared to the profound social changes Trudeau is implementing in order to veil his economic shortcomings.

Using the same strategy as Fran├žois Hollande, he uses societal and cultural policies to gain popularity with loyal minority groups in order to get support from progressive voters. The potential economic fallout of these policies is not a concern, as the Left abdicated economically with the coming of the New Left. On the Right, meanwhile critics focus almost entirely on the monetary disaster ahead of us and ignore the societal side.

But economics is just economics. A financial disaster is nothing compared to demographic and societal catastrophes. An economic crisis can be overcome and we can get back on our feet, but a change in the nature of society is harder to rectify. The Liberals in power today are creating a new status quo that will shift the centre of politics in their direction, with today’s liberal lunacies becoming tomorrow’s conservative policies.

Trudeau: hiding from the facts.
The last decade of Conservative rule proved one thing: conservatives are not about defending a set of values. They merely defend the current status quo. For example, they refused to even talk about abortion – yes, even talk! Likewise with gay marriage, something which they now believe should be legally safeguarded from criticism. They of course refused to decrease immigration, and actually thought they could win a few seats by increasing it, which they did with no second thoughts, setting a new record for Canadian immigration.

There was only one exception to their general retreat on social issues: their opposition to the gun registry. But here it was mainly driven by economic concerns about spiraling costs and inefficiency. The registry was no longer justifiable, as even its most aggressive defenders had given up any rational arguments and merely repeated the mantra that "guns kill."

With Conservatives having such a poor track record in fighting back, what the Liberals are implementing today is here to stay. For this reason critics of the Liberals should focus on the societal changes rather than the economic ones.

An economic debate would be fine if Liberals could limit themselves to economics, but they use social changes to cover up their economic illiteracy, and this is the real threat.

Demographic changes are permanent unless there is a strong will to reverse them. Trudeau has been hyper active in the field of immigration since his arrival on Sussex Drive. He has pledged to welcome 35,000 Syrian migrants. He has decided to offer free health care to everyone applying for asylum – no matter if the applicant is a real refugee or not. He has repealed the visa requirement imposed on Mexicans traveling to Canada – legislation passed by Harper in order to curb the extravagantly high amount of asylum claims. He has repealed the law C-24, which revoked the citizenship of dual citizens convicted of terrorism. Finally, he wants to do away with the language requirements and the tests that newcomers must pass. And all this in less than a semester!

He has also pledged to make homosexuality the new norm by taking several steps to become the most gay-friendly prime minister in our history! Right after announcing that he would be the first Canadian PM to attend a gay parade, he decided to grant clemency to all the homosexuals convicted prior to 1969, the year when his own father revoked the "gross indecency" law banning homosexuality. He also crusades to end the supposedly "homophobic" regulation that stipulates that homosexuals cannot give blood in Canada. He also wants to extend the protection homosexuals now enjoy to transgenders and others of similar categories.

Many have pointed out the lack of consistency in this prime minister. He has not only been a vocal supporter of the gay lobby, but also of radical Muslims. Illogical as this seems, it is totally consistent with his role of "Mr. Diversity," or Mister "The Current Year."

It is hard to believe that he can maintain this rate of social destruction in the future. But, after everything he has done so far, it would not be  surprising, especially considering his electoral promise to double legal immigration, a promise, thankfully, he has not talked about since the election.

The future will prove that the major deficits and the economic problems that will accompany them are nothing when compared to the displacement of our people and the trampling of our values.

With Trudeau having a majority in Parliament and three years ahead of him before the next election, we are in a state of political powerlessness, but this is definitely no excuse for inaction as the metapolitical struggle is now more important and promises to be more fruitful than ever before. Canadians cannot expect any immediate improvement in their situation, but this catastrophic state of affairs can serve as an eye opener for many of our fellow citizens – especially with the healthy example of Trump south of the border.

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