Mar 15, 2016

Divorcing the Conservative Movement

via The Right Stuff

Listen, movement conservatives, it's too late. You're like the lazy, lying, adulterous wife that has maxed out the credit card at Sak's for the last time. And now you're begging for another chance. You'll do anything. Yes, even that.

But it doesn't work. See, article after article about how Trump's a con man or whatever actually reinforces the point. Sort of like when your lying, cheating, whore of a wife says she'll do that to keep you. It just reminds you of what a whore she is and why it is absolutely time to file for divorce.

In the wake of organized American Marxism's successful disruption of a Trump Rally in Chicago, many of you are cucking harder than you've ever cucked, blaming Trump's tone, calling him a hypocrite, or whatever. And with every article and every tweet, you remind us of why we've left you:

In a fight, you choose the left over the right.

Democrats don't do this. When the liberal base gets rowdy (e.g. when dindus start nuffining whole city blocks to the ground), the Democrat pundits and politicians pivot to attack the right. Blame racism. Blame the police. Blame capitalism. Whatever. They never, ever punch left. But when the left literally organizes and buses in thugs to physically attack the right? What do we get? We get this:

The reason you movement conservatives are unable to push your guy, Ted Cruz, through the nomination is you're currently batting 0.00 against the left. You won't fight. You've never fought. One doesn't have to be a white nationalist or an Esoteric Hitlerist LARP-Righter to see that when the left attacks, our self-appointed guardians in the GOP and the conservative punditocracy fold. You care more about being dignified than anything, and since the left fights dirty, you lose. Over. And over. And over. But hey, at least you get to go on MSNBC once in a while to get made fun of.

Literally the only time the conservative movement is willing to fight dirty is to crush someone who's a little too far to the right and too appealing to the base, like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan. Then your boy gets in, the general gets going, and the gloves get put back on. And you lose (remember, you only won in 2000 because Nader ran as a spoiler).

At this point, it's too late. The American voters the Republicans have traditionally relied on want a divorce. They're tired of losing. They want someone who fights. It actually doesn't matter if Trump just wants to paint a giant golden T on the White House. The fact is that he intends to win, and conservatives don't. He doesn't attack his base, and conservatives do. Conservatism, Inc. still hasn't figured out that Trump's primary support is coming from Republicans, and calling them stupid racists who embarrass the party is just sealing your fate.

I've been politically active for over 15 years now, and I've seen up close how the conservatives' favored tactic of being nice to people who hate you, writing white papers nobody reads, and insisting we play by the rules as leftists cheat their way to the top has failed. In politics, literally nothing matters if you don't win, and since conservatives don't win, conservatives don't matter.

If the wife didn't want a divorce, she shouldn't have slept with someone else. If the conservative movement wanted to matter, you should have fought. You should have used every trick in the book to shut down leftist agitprop groups, to destroy the reputations of left-wing journalists, to purge leftists from school administration, and to block Democrats from putting actual Marxists on the Supreme Court. Instead, you defended Hollywood tax breaks on some kind of "free market principle" while the studios made movies normalizing homosexuality, so now Hollywood still has its tax breaks and sodomy cake is a legal right.

If conservatives had some proven ability to win, we wouldn't be talking about Trump, because you'd be too busy winning for him to get an opening. The border would be secure, owning a Che shirt would ruin your employment prospects, and busing in protestors to shut down a Republican candidate's event would result in RICO prosecutions.

But that's not how it is. And because that's not how it is, the conservative movement is dead. Everything you can do at this point only reminds us of why we're leaving you. And by "we," I don't just mean edgy internet racists. I mean everyone who's done with Conservatism, Inc. You have literally nothing to offer, and all your angry tears just underscore that fact.

This relationship is over. All you can do now is cry about it.

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