Mar 3, 2016

Eddy Morrison Statement

via Nationalist Sentinel

Many of my close Comrades will know that as I am getting older and my health sadly deteriorating, I can no longer put as much into The Struggle as I have over the last 48 years.

(Has it been THAT long?)

With a potentially problematic health problem I have had to seriously limit my activities ("Hooray" shout the morons as Hope Not Hate).

I have however been able to produce and also rescue from the archives quite a lot of both old and new pro-WN fims.

I know you can watch similar and a lot more on Youtube but despite what you hear, the demand for the physical ownership of a DVD which can be watched comfortably in the front room is still very high.

I am tracking down as many NF/BNP/Spearhead Group and WNP-BPP films as I can and they are going out through eBay and Amazon. Being of historical value I am crossed fingers not finding many being disallowed (but you never know). I have also produced my own line of films - through Valkyrie Films - with titles such as "The Vikings - their story"; "Being Evita" on the life of Eva Peron (which is a bit of a best seller) - Blackshirt!; Panzer; Stuka; and others.....

They will be joined soon by "Mosley!" - a 90 minute film on Oswald Mosley and the BUF and Union Movement, which is still on the production table. I am planning too after that to produce "The Holocaust: History or Propaganda?" - hopefully we can get that into general distribution.

I also have a film site which has a lot of films on as well as RetroMedia which is a Blog I am slowly building on which every film will be available.

  I have one film on Youtube where I have an account. Thi is the freely downloadable "National Front Policies" film It is also available to buy on DVD.

I would urge White Nationalists to popularise this Policy Film and get as many to watch it as possible......

So that's my own contribution to pushing our beloved Cause at a time when the whole of Euroipe looks set to go down in a welter of blood and flame as millions upon millions of non-Whites hammmer at its fragile doors.

White Power Forever!

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