Mar 10, 2016

Facebook? No Thanks!

via Nationalist Sentinel

I am getting a stream of reports back that yet again, Facebook owned by the two Jewish gentlemen Mark Zuckerberg and  Dustin Moskovitz, is in a state of anarchy.

The situation is out of control and is greatly damaging both the Movement and its relations with kindred organisations.

To that end I am putting the following motion to the National Front Directorate.
"The National Front should maintain only one Facebook Page as an Official One. It must be a closed site open only to members and selected supporters by invite. 
Free discussion of policy and the and the announcement of events and news concerning the NF are to be encouraged. No other Facebook pages apart from the Official NF Site are recognised by the NF. 
Any personal or character attacks against Party members or their families may well result in suspension and expulsion from the Party. 
Strictly ANYBODY who is not a member of our Movement is allowed to moderate the site, nor unless specifically invited, be allowed to post on the same site. 
Non - members abusing this privilege will be removed from the site's postings"
Personally I see no reason to go onto Facebook at all. It might be argued that its a good way to stay in touch with friends and family - then fine open a friends and family site but don't spread gossip, rumours, and innuendo on any Social Media site.

There was a time when Searchlight and Hope Not Hate had to infiltrate our ranks to learn about activities. They don't need to bother anymore - they just log on and see the anarchy reigning amongst White Nationalists!

--Eddy Morrison

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