Mar 3, 2016

Family and the Land: The Case of Paulina Forslund

via Omaimon Paradosis

Editor's Note: This commentary was written by someone who clearly speaks English as a second language. They did a great job, but we made some small editorial changes for the purpose of making it clearer.

What's the model of a white woman that is promoted today? To put in short, its the "sex and the city" type of woman. A large number of White females today are turned into miserable creatures who think that they are "free" and "independent" because they change sex partners every night, can get as drunk and "high" as they want, spend entire days in shopping malls and can pair-up with Muslim and Africans apes just because they want to follow their music or fashion idols.

Sad but true.

On the other side there are women like Paulina Forslund. A Swedish woman, who is wife and mother of a large (and growing) family of eight children and a National Socialist activist married to a man with the same ideas and way of living. That's a "fatal error" for the preachers of cosmopolitanism that dominate European nations today. Because of their 24/7 propaganda for the opposite way of life, Paulina Forslund is seen as giving a "bad example".  She chose the hard way of life that features dignity and pride of the "Family and The Land" instead of crawling in the mud of "sex and the city" and other similar degenerate ways.

Because they chose to live this honorable life, her husband has been arrested for "hate speech." The video that follows will give you more details. Support this woman by your donation or at least spread this around to more people. Keep in mind that by doing nothing, its like leaving our women alone to the claws of the enemies of Europe.

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