Mar 15, 2016

Fanning the Flames of Feminism to Take Focus from Jewish Culpability?

via Renegade Tribune

Almost no one likes radical feminists. You know the caricature – they are aggressive, loud, often fat, with garishly colored hair, and always blaming men for all of their problems. Yet how many of you actually know some of these women in real life? Perhaps if you are on a college campus, you will be seeing more of this than the average person, but I still doubt it is nearly the problem we are led to believe.

While many women (and men) have internalized some of the feminist agenda, I contend that the “in your face” feminism is largely a jewish construct, intended to further drive a wedge between the sexes so that we can be easily divided and conquered. While we are busy blaming each other for petty issues, claiming the patriarchy is responsible for this, or feminism ruined that, our enemies rub their hands and count their shekels.

Due to the manufactured gender war, in addition to welfare that rewards minorities and single moms, White birth rates have been decreasing. This would not be such an alarming concern if the third world, particularly Africa, was not exploding in numbers due to our tax money being used for aid and intervention. Still, this would not be so bad if these massive populations were not being shipped and welcomed into our countries by “our” governments, with this ramping up drastically in the United States and Europe over the past few years.


If we could properly identify the criminal cabal responsible, we would actually be able to solve the issues at hand, reverse the trends, and set ourselves back on course to a fruitful future. However, there is an active and elaborate campaign to shift the blame to anyone but the true culprits, with feminism (and by extension females in general) now taking the heat for the unfolding travesty. Many people, including women, are now advocating to repeal women’s right to vote, since their participation in the democratic process is what got us to this sorry state.

Here’s how the narrative goes:
  • Women wanted the “empowerment” of becoming part of the work force (aka wage slaves) so they could neglect motherhood and engage in promiscuousity.
  • Women have a nurturing instinct (like cat ladies) so they forced us to pay for all the blacks and browns in our countries and around the world.
  • Women have emasculated our men, but now seek to be raped by the virile invader, who they have invited into our countries through their control. Angela Merkel is always used as the proof.
  • Women have no in-group loyalty and are actively seeking the destruction of the White race.

Conveniently missing from this narrative is the role that jews played at every step. It has already been well-established the jewish involvement in 20th century feminism, continuing right up until the present day with George Soros and others, but this fact is almost never mentioned in the videos and articles that point out feminist absurdity.

Let’s go through a few recent examples to show how feminist agitation has been used to shift the attention away from the incriminating words of jewish supremacists like Gregor Gysi, Barbara Lerner Spectre, and Noel Ignatiev. Paul Joseph Watson loves to harp on those fat, ugly feminists, and recently released a video titled Top Feminist Says Put Men in Concentration Camps, but don’t expect him to mention jews any time soon. Elegon, a youtube user that sounds like a young girl, is neglecting how jews caused the wars in the Middle East, advocated for the “refugees” and literally opened the borders of Europe, and instead claims feminists caused the crisis in her new video titled How Feminists Supported Rape by Causing the Migrant Crisis, which has a lot of thumbs up. And of course there is the notorious Black Pigeon Speaks video titled Why Women Destroy Civilizations, which went viral and was shared by many of the activists within our own ranks.

Originally the sign had "refugees", not "rapists"

Originally the sign had “refugees” not “rapists”

As much as I don’t like aggressive feminists, it is absolutely ridiculous to claim that they have the power to send trillions of dollars around the globe in foreign aid, to initiate the movement of tens of millions of Africans and Arabs from their home countries to Europe, and then throw the gates wide open and roll out the red carpet with lots of great incentives. Sure, there were some women out on the streets advocating for refugees (not knowing any better), but most of the pictures we are shown to prove how much women hate their own people have been recycled over and over, while some others have been photoshopped to make them even more damning. In other cases, groups such as Femen and Pussy Riot are paid for their agitation.

While there are legitimately some European women who are acting against the interests of their own people, almost all of them are doing so because they have been brainwashed by jewish poison, just like our men have been. We hear all about the role feminists have played in the invasion of Europe, but why has there been almost no mention of the role of “anti-fascist” (anti-White) men? Unlike the feminists, they are actually out on the streets trying to cause severe bodily harm to those of us who advocate for our ethnic interests.

Or maybe we should just blame all of our problems on the faggy beta males who go out and hold up signs?


This is the problem of focusing on the machinations of jewish power instead of confronting it head-on, since we will always be able to find new symptoms to chase after. It is like chopping off the head of a hydra, with two new heads growing back in the place of one. In the old Greek legend Heracles certainly had to sever the heads that were attacking him, but he knew he needed to cut down the one immortal head to kill the monster.

Additionally, only dealing with the machinations will force us to continue blaming and fighting our own people in a losing battle. Left vs. Right, Men vs. Women, Young vs. Old, etc. Hopefully you can see that fueling these conflicts will get us nowhere, especially with regards to men and women fighting each other, since harmonious relations between the sexes is the only thing that will keep our people moving into the future. We cannot fall into the jewish tra, where a small minority of White men is pitted against the rest of the entire world, including our very own women. Without any understanding and support from and for our women, we are bound to lose.

Our governments are acting against our best interests, our countries are being invaded, our women are being raped, and instead of doing something about it, many of our people are just watching Trump rallies and blaming women for the collapse of our world. WAKE UP!


Jews own and run our media, banks, politicians, academia, and top corporations. They are committing genocide against us.

It’s really that simple.

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