Mar 16, 2016

Further Comments Regarding Die Wilde Jagd and Odin Mimir Befragend

via Aryan Myth and Metahistory

I happened to stumble across this article may or may not have been influenced by my earlier article from 2013

I find it incredulous that the author should assert that Adolf Hitler would have modelled his appearance after a 19th century painting! Hiler's hairstyle was hardly unique to him and was typical of the times as was his moustache. What cannot be replicated however are his facal features which entirely match the face of Wotan in Franz von Stuck's Wilde Jagd. Hitler's fondness for the painting may or may not in part be linked to the facial resemblance and its year of creation, 1889 which significantly was also the year of Hitler's birth. Hitler I am sure on a sub conscious level associated himself with Wotan and this is made clear from both the writings of Carl Gustav Jung and Miguel Serrano.

What is equally incredible is the painting by Emil Doepler in 1905 of Odin Mimir Befragend: 

It is interesting that the face in the later painting is most clearly that of a mature Adolf Hitler and we must take note that in 1905 Hitler was an unknown 16 year old. Mimir is of course a far more ancient deity than Wotan and indeed in the Eddas Odin relies on Mimir for the revelation of esoteric knowledge.

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