Mar 8, 2016

Hillary's Heartless Logo

via Alternative Right

In election campaigns – especially ones as long as the US Presidential vote – a candidate's logo is extremely important, unless, of course, you happen to be Donald Trump, when you are effectively a walking logo (as well as master of memes).

While he was still on the campaign trail handing out turtles to confused children, Jeb Bush's logo, with its big exclamation mark, was much derided for being the first actual attempt to compensate for a candidate's deficiencies by using punctuation. Over the course of that debacle, the big exclamation mark came to stand for the pizzazz and zing that the low-energy candidate lacked, until finally it just came to represent surprise that someone as hopeless as Jeb Bush would ever aspire to be president.

Feel the energy enervation.
Hillary Clinton's logo serves the purpose of all good logos, namely of being a better stand-in than the candidate herself, helping Hillary's voters to turn her in their minds from the loathsome we-came-we-saw-he-died individual she is, into a vague abstraction that won't make them vomit when they vote.

But just where did she get that design of a big phallic red arrow plunging through not one but two blue lines?

Anyone familiar with the 1980s female-fronted AOR band Heart will know the answer, as the design bears an uncanny resemblance to the cover of their 1990 album Brigade. Hillary must be a fan.

Interestingly, and with obvious relevance to Clinton, that album marked the last attempt by Heart's record company to maintain the aging group as a major act by pulling in a lot of big name writing talent and heavy promotion. With Ann and Nancy Wilson hitting their forties the game was up, and the band soon afterwards shrank into insignificance.

Another more disturbing way to view the logo is as a simplified representation of the Twin Towers being destroyed on 9-11, with the red arrow of jihad – or false flag operations – slamming brutally into the two blue towers. If Hillary represents one thing to the American voter, it is the kind of insider who would have been privy to whatever transpired that day, and would be more than likely to repeat that tactic to start whichever war she or her donor's chose.

So, a logo stolen from or inspired by aging female musicians backed up by male talent that phallically "points" to shady lizard-like goings on – not a bad choice for Hillary's logo!

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