Mar 15, 2016

Hitler Drank Water, Trump Drinks Water . . .

via Alternative Right

Silverman killing the audience was also a hoax
With Trump moving in for the kill, Jewish and White liberal paranoia is running rampant. Liberals and Leftists clearly need the same kind of psychoanalytic treatment that Adorno and his Frankfurt School cronies dished up for American conservatives in the 1950s with The Authoritarian Personality. Not a day goes by without some new Hitler or Mussolini comparison being hurled at Trump and bouncing straight off. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is spared any mention of Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, or any of the other psychopaths of Socialism.

A few days ago, it was Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman prancing around on the Conan O'Brien Show, dressed up as Charlie Chaplin in a Nazi uniform, saying that "Hitler" didn't want to be associated with Trump. Oh, how we laughed!

Now, there's the above video, created by some group or individual going by the name Citizen Super PAC Fund, which has a fundraising webpage with the following hysterical message:
"By chillingly comparing some of Trump’s most terrifying statements to Hitler’s own speeches, this audacious ad says everything that the media is too scared to say about Donald Trump. Funding this ad—which cuts to the core of the danger Trump poses to America—might be the only way to stop Trump, before it’s too late."
The "scared media" referred to is of course the same media that hosted Silverman's Trump-equals-Hitler schtick and which has been allowing commentators to make direct Adolf comparisons or snide smears 24-7. Citizen Super PAC Fund is probably a scam, as they state that their fundraising aim is "to have this video aired nationwide" while their fundraising goal is $10,000—a measly amount for a national advertising campaign but a big chunk of change for a con-man.

More important is to consider the effect of all these flailing attempts to stigmatize Trump as Hitler. The fact that they've failed is interesting in itself. There are two possibilities: (1) People are sensible and don't buy it, or (2) They buy it and they like it. In both cases it means that the Hitler slur is almost squeezed dry. As this has been one of the Left's trump cards (no pun intended) for decades. this is clearly a good thing.

But what if an actual Hitler were to arise, somebody quite different from Trump, who is merely a radical centrist civic nationalist with a brusque manner? In that case, comparisons to Hitler—already discredited and used up by being expended on non-Hitlers—would no longer be a defense. Most of us would merely laugh it off or yawn. In that case, the Left might find itself in the exact same position as the Little Boy who Cried Wolf. For my part. I would wish that wolf a hearty first meal.

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