Mar 14, 2016

How's That Socialism Tasting, America?

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We have witnessed the beginning of what Donald Trump will experience from now until the general election in November. The sad and predictable results of socialism which are rage, violence, and destruction. All of which were in view in Chicago yesterday.
If socialists cannot defend their failed ideology with fact, logic, and reason (they can’t), they will silence all opposing voices. By any means necessary. Socialists don’t care about being right. They care about being in power. By any means necessary.

Look south to Venezuela. The same poor, ignorant Venezuelans who were chanting for Hugo Chavez and his communist promises of wealth redistribution when he seized control, in communist fashion, in 1999 are cursing him today as they starve in the streets. Those who oppose the government are silenced. The Venezuelan people have no means with which to fight the government thugs. Chavez, in true communist fashion, seized guns from Venezuelans after taking power.

Are the useful idiots rioting and looting in Chicago to silence Trump and his supporters any different from the useful idiots in Venezuela? Only in one sense. America has not totally succumbed to socialism so there is still food on the shelves and welfare being transferred into the accounts of the “useless idiots” in the Chicago streets. Thanks to capitalism.

Orwell wrote in his classic book ‘1984’ “Ignorance is Strength.” That was the message from the oppressive government to the “prole” workers who were too stupid to realize they were slaves. While watching the news clips of the Chicago riot yesterday, I couldn’t help but say to myself “Ignorance is Strength.” Those rioting in the streets are useless idiots who contribute not one ounce of value to society.

As we have seen in countless Youtube videos, these are the morons who cannot tell who Washington, DC is named after. They are the “moochers” as described in Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ The rioters only exist because of wealth seized from producers by the looters in the government. Looters seize our wealth at the point of a gun so corrupt politicians can redistribute it for their political gain. And that is Chicago. And that is socialism. And that is America in 2016.

As AWD has said since this page began, the predictable future for any country that embraces or allows socialism is loss of individual freedom, the freedoms to think, do, and say what one chooses. Lost are life, liberty, and the ability to pursue happiness. And, as Venezuelans are learning, all opposing voices are silenced. By any means necessary.

Obama and his ilk have long sought a race war in America. He has provoked white America every way he can but white American producers are generally peaceful. We don’t see Trump supporters rioting and looting to stop Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders speeches.

Why does the left seek to escalate racial problems in America? Because there is political capital in dividing the country. Racial strife puts #BlackLivesMatter and their followers into voting booths. And, if by chance there is violence at the hands of a white person who opposes Obama, it gives the left an opportunity to further weaken our constitutional rights by seizing or limiting more rights. Namely the First and Second Amendments. Just this week we learned that Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch considered prosecuting “climate change deniers.”

As Donald Trump said, the country is totally divided. Which is why we have discussed on this page that the America we once knew is gone forever. Saddled with $20 trillion in debt, flooded with immigrants legal and illegal who seek not to become Americans but to take what they can take from the American taxpayer, and watching as corrupt politicians seize our individual rights through an oppressive government, many see the breakup of the republic as our only chance to once again experience freedom. It may not happen in my lifetime but the Red States will separate from the Blue States one day.

Why must this happen? Because Washington will not change. It will not relinquish the power it has seized. Oppressive governments never do on their own. Nor will the moochers of America become productive citizens. Even if welfare and food stamps are eliminated today, does anyone really expect the violent morons in the streets to suddenly seek employment? No, there needs be a decision by Red States to secede from Washington and the Blue States. There really is no other way, no matter who wins the presidency. The cancer of socialism and its poisonous effects are too deeply ingrained into American culture.

If you look, you’ll see a great deal of the rioters were white punks. Indoctrinated from the cradle in socialism and political correctness, they have no problem with oppressing the free speech of others. They are utter morons. And, unfortunately, they vote. And destroy.

I don’t like writing these things. I don’t like to think this way. I am a patriot and love my country. But my country no longer loves me. As a responsible white male, I am directly or indirectly responsible for every wrong in America according to the left. But I refuse to self-immolate because of political correctness. And Americans need to ask who they need more? A responsible, law-abiding taxpayer or the violent looters in the streets?

AWD believes there is a low level race war that has already begun in America. As I have stated over the years, I don’t care about pigment. I care about one’s character and actions. I prefer not to associate with white trash, black trash, or brown trash. I refer to myself a trashist. Those who rioted over the Trump speech are trash.

I believe we will see much more of Chicago-like riots and looting this summer leading up to the election. #BlackLivesMatter, La Raza, and other leftist hate groups have been preparing for years. As have law-abiding American citizens. Record breaking gun and ammo sales are evidence of that. The left, as well as their violent street thugs might be careful of what they wish in terms of a more overt race war. It just may happen. And it will not end well for them.

I’m afraid this will be a hot, bloody summer. God help us.

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