Mar 8, 2016

Individualism vs Selflessness in the Nationalist Movement

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This article shall discuss the various aspects of why there are often so many clashes between people on a personal level and why it is crucial to be more cautious when finding people who are of good quality to be involved with your political organisation. Firstly let us provide definitions on what individualism and selflessness are and why they both are quite important to explain in detail. Individualism is all about being self-reliant and independent. A person who is an individualist will favour freedom of action over being controlled via either the State or a collective (such as a political organisation). They are independent people who don’t like being told what to do and would prefer to work alone than with groups or in regards to team-work. Being selfish and self-centred are common negatives associated with individualism. Selflessness on the other hand, is all about the practice of giving the community or the group precedence over each individual within it. For example; an individual involved with a team sport would often put the benefits and success of their team above their own self desires and personal interests. That individual is seen as a “team player” and puts the interests of that team before any personal glory. Generally you think less about yourself and attributes include being kind and generous as well as having an altruistic mindset. This is totally opposite to an individualist who would only seek to have personal gain and get as much kudos as possible from personal exploits. Money and notoriety should not be the reasons a person involves themselves in Nationalist politics. It should be your own bloodlines, your own community, your own culture and your own country, that benefits from any legacy you leave in the time you have lived on this Earth.

Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to being too selfless in that people can take advantage of your kindness and more selfish people may expect you to always do favours for them. It is important for a selfless person to be firm and stand up to those individuals that try and exploit their generosity. The challenge in relation to Nationalist politics is discovering an appropriate balance. We can investigate this further by looking at various political movements and individuals from the past. Learning from both their successes and failures and how they dealt with setbacks and difficult circumstances. Determination, loyalty, integrity, honesty and the sheer will power to overcome any obstacle, no matter how gruelling, are key attributes that any genuine Nationalist should have.

Those of you who are reading this article are at the very least partially awoken to the dire situation we face here in Australian and the Western World. You are a cut above the average lemming, who is more excited about their sporting team winning, or having the latest iPad, or watching the latest Soap Opera episode on TV, or wasting hours upon hours on Facebook and other social media websites. I applaud you for coming this far already. But there is much more to learn and to become aware of. I implore you to seriously consider, what you are doing in your life? Are you being selfish or selfless? Do you think about the responsibilities you have in your life? Such as the responsibility you have to your family? To your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren? What will their lives be like in the future? Will it be a safe and happy place in which you leave them in? It is also vital to think about the responsibility that you have to your ancestors and those before you and whose sacrifices made your life possible. Not only that, but what about responsibility to yourself, your responsibility to contribute to our way of life in a positive manner and be the best person and most righteous person that you can possibly be. It all comes down to care. Do you care about the future? Do you care about what is happening to White people around the World? If so, what are you going to do about it? These are all serious questions that a person who does care needs to ask themselves. Nationalism is for those who genuinely care about things and have strong feelings of self-responsibility.


One of the major factors which are often forgotten about until disaster strikes is personality clashes in the Nationalist movement. This is probably the most startling and damaging problem in relation to what happens time and time again within politics. Ideological differences will always be a problem in regards to individual A having a different perspective on a certain issue to individual B. However, when individual A has a personal grudge or vendetta against individual B then it will often end up getting very nasty and the principles of integrity, professionalism and respect get totally thrown out the window. Throughout history there are countless examples of this occurring. One of the most infamous rivalries was between Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky in Communist Russia. These two repugnant characters officially began their animosity in 1924 after the death of Vladimir Lenin, but in reality their hatred started a few years even earlier. They had many similarities but also many differences in relation to their thinking and behaviour. Stalin took a dislike of Trotsky from their very first meeting. This occurred in 1907 at a Communist Congress in London.

Once Lenin had died, the rivalry between these two increased with Stalin politically outmanoeuvring the more talented but also more arrogant Trotsky. In many ways, Trotsky’s strong independent streak and ability to ruffle the feathers of fellow Communists was his downfall. Stalin was a lot more popular amongst the power-brokers of the Communist Party. As Secretary of the Communist Party he could do many things behind the scenes. He used his influence and command of the Russian Secret Police to intimidate Trotsky’s supporters and manufactured the exile of Trotsky from Russia in 1928. Trotsky then had to jump from one country to the next, keeping out of the clutches of Stalin’s henchmen who were always on his tail.

The initial dislike of Trotsky by Stalin eventually transformed into a deep-seated, obsessive hatred. The final result in 1940, during World War 2, was Trotsky’s assassination by one of Stalin’s spies, far from Russia, over in Mexico. You can’t really get more vicious and vindictive than this rivalry amongst the Communists! Even though Trotsky was exiled and only had the power to write nasty articles against Stalin there was still this burning animosity between them which led to Stalin having Trotsky eliminated once and for all. As Nationalists we need to have integrity and honour and be above sinking to the level of Communists with their bitter feuds which end in bloodshed. We need to learn from mistakes made in the past and always try and seek the counsel of older and wiser people who have more life experiences. Flying off the handle and constantly infighting only leads to public embarrassment much to the enjoyment of our enemies.


The question still remains, what should Nationalists do to avoid “bad eggs” and to develop an organisation around them that is honourable, trustworthy and loyal? That is an immense challenge to undertake, but it basically all boils down to action rather than words. You can’t really expect to know a person in a small amount of time or have them take a psychological test. However, you cannot afford to be overly paranoid and not trust anybody either. A Nationalist must be dedicated to the cause to preserve their own people and their nation. A Nationalist wants to create a bright future for their children and defend their culture, their heritage and their way of life. They must have a good knowledge of Nationalist ideology to really understand what they truly believe in and not merely give it “lip service” and only pretend to know what they are talking about. This means that a Nationalist should be constantly learning and educating themselves.

Reading books on a multitude of topics is important, but so is experiencing life in general and looking to self-improve. There are many examples of Nationalists who travel overseas to go to various political conferences and meeting with fellow Nationalists from around the Western World. Networking and developing close ties with like-minded political organisations is crucial in this contemporary age especially when physically meeting in person is far more beneficial than Emails, phone calls, Skype calls etc. Being a successful person in life will also help you in being a successful Nationalist. That doesn’t mean being selfish and greedy, but being able to contribute to the greater Nationalist cause in any way that you can, this can be financially, or by writing articles or books, on-the-ground activism, leafleting, giving speeches, making videos the list goes on! The crucial thing to remember is that every little bit counts no matter how small. In fact, just doing basic online activism of putting up comments on newspaper articles that are related to Nationalism helps. How you may ask? Well, just by putting up your comment on a website or blog you are providing an alternative opinion to the status-quo of the Anti-White and multiculturalist agenda, which is being spewed out by the deceitful news media. You are challenging their Cultural Marxist domination of thought and opinion by giving a Nationalist viewpoint.

A selfish individual involved with Nationalist politics only seeks to promote themselves and has a hyper inflated ego. Becoming famous or infamous as well as gaining wealth and influence is all they care about. Narcissism is a poison that not only infects that individual but also all of those people that associate with that particularly nocuous individual. The damage caused by not cutting out that cancerous element can often be devastating. Those individuals have delusions of grandeur, inflated egos, and if personally slighted will develop an irrational rage. These individuals can be diagnosed as having a pathological form of narcissistic personality disorder and need to be avoided and shunned. There is no place whatsoever for those repugnant vagabonds who only have extremely selfish and immature mentalities in the Nationalist movement. Nationalism is not about personal glory, but simply being a “cog in the wheel” that plays their part to help things move in the right direction for future success.


From my experiences, I believe that Nationalism is supposed to be for those who have an altruistic and generous mindset. A Nationalist wants to help their own people, their own country, and has a strong desire to be selfless. Having said that, being financially unviable and struggling to maintain employment is not a good situation for a Nationalist to be in either. What is the point of dedicating your life to Nationalism with nothing to show for it? That is why it is also important to live a happy and productive life and maintain your own personal objectives that you wish to achieve. Having a job that you enjoy, a nice and comfortable place to live, family and friends that love and care about you, these are all aspects in your life that should not be forsaken. I personally have lost family and friends because of my Nationalist beliefs and it has caused me much grief, but I continue to fight on because I know deep in my heart that what I believe in is the right thing. Many people here in Australia and around the Western World have dedicated their lives to being a Nationalist. We feel it is our duty to safeguard the future of our people in any productive way that we can. Nonetheless, Nationalism should not stop you from finding love and getting married and having children. In fact, creating and raising happy and healthy White children should be probably one of most important things you ever achieve in your life. With the mass amount of non-white immigrants flooding into all Western Nations we know that every White child born gives us hope that we can survive.


My message from this article is for every decent person who reads this, is that they should not be a shirker and avoid the stark cold reality our people face. It is better to do something, no matter how small, than nothing at all. Don’t try and be overly cautious and paranoid and continue to simply cheer from afar. There will always be dramas and issues amongst various individuals and groups, that’s the rough and tumble arena of politics. It is important to have a thick-skin and develop a stiff upper lip and “carry on” as the British often say. Names and insults can be unpleasant, but in years past, a warrior would be more wary of weapons such as a spear, or a sword or an axe than today’s individuals who cower and tremble at being called ridiculous names, such as, “racist” or “bigot” or “nazi”. These are simply words our enemies use because they fear us and don’t have the intellectual capacity to debate us.

As a Nationalist you need to come out from behind your computer screens and join the rest of us and get out there in the real world! It is time to stop talking and start doing. Selfishly only caring about your own little life won’t help your family or your country once it gets flooded with non-white immigrants. Stand up and be counted by becoming a participant in life. You can still live a financially successful life and contribute to Nationalism. Make your life a model by being as active as you possibly can for our people. By being a good Nationalist you are helping a worthy cause so that our people will remember and talk about long after you’re gone. Your legacy as an exemplary Nationalist will mean more to our people and our way of life than mere money or fame ever will.


In conclusion, I believe selflessness and altruism, in the right balance, outweighs selfish desires and only being concerned with individualist goals of wealth and fame. Hope is on the horizon for us, more and more people are being awoken to Nationalism, particularly in Europe with the mass influx of so-called refugees. But the job isn’t done yet, we still have much work to do. We must continue to reach out to our people. It is imperative that we alert them of what is really happening. We must educate them, give them books to read and videos to watch and audio broadcasts to listen to. We also need to encourage and inspire new potential Nationalists. A wonderful and beautiful thing about reaching out to people to encourage them and inspire them is that, you in turn, will become encouraged and inspired. That feeling of fulfilment and reward, knowing that you helped awaken a new person to Nationalism, nothing beats that. When you find another person who shares our beliefs, our concerns, our feelings, our values, our sense of responsibility to our race and our country, you cannot help but be pleased and encouraged from the experience. Plus it is better to work together in a group with like-minded people than doing everything by yourself. Many hands make light work as people often say. In the long run, things will turn in our favour, our views are about love and identity of our own people and defending our way of life. Our movement cannot be held back for much longer. We will continue to have good days and bad days within politics, but being optimistic and doggedly determined should not be discounted. Nationalism will continue to rise as we head into the future and we should be more confident in the fact that the more of us who become involved the quicker we shall achieve success.

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