Mar 15, 2016

Invoking 'Holocaust,' Jew Argues Liberals Must Confront Trump & Supporters

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This protester rushed the podium at a Trump
rally in Chicago in an act of “self-defense"
The organized Jewish community and the liberal, leftist establishment have been attacking and denouncing Donald Trump for months now. As of late, their overwrought, childish attempts to demonize and discredit Trump and his millions of supporters have become more and more obvious and truly pathetic.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Jewish controlled mass media and organized Jewish community attempt to tie Donald Trump to Dr. David Duke and the Klan in an effort to discredit the leading GOP contender, with the Anti-Defamation League demanding Trump “distance” himself from “White supremacists”. Abe Foxman, the former head of the ADL, and other “Holocaust survivors” recently expressed their outrage and horror at Trump’s alleged “Nazi-style fascist salute” at a recent rally in Florida. (Trump simply asked his supporters to raise their right hands and pledge to vote for him, and the Jews are claiming he is bringing back the Third Reich!)

The anti-White producers of Saturday Night Live just made a skit equating Trump supporters to Nazis, White supremacists, bigots and Klansmen.

Watch the video below:

The Jewish Daily Forward published yet another example of the hysterical, unhinged reaction anti-White Jewish Marxists are having to Donald Trump and his presidential candidacy. Invoking the fake “Holocaust” narrative and the Jews’ mantra of “Never again!,” Ari Paul argues that liberals must take a cue from the radical, anti-American protesters who have become increasingly more and more disruptive at recent Trump rallies (see what happened in Chicago, for example), and continue to confront Trump and his supporters – physically if necessary.
On social media and over drinks, American liberals are discussing — sometimes jokingly and sometimes not — how to move to Canada if Donald Trump makes it into the White House. Between the violence against minorities at Trump rallies, the Nazi-like salutes and the candidate’s choice to tweet a quotation from Benito Mussolini, the idea that “it can’t happen here” is quickly giving way to the fear that it just might. But what the brave activists in Chicago have shown us is that our response to Trump’s barbarity should be not a massive evacuation, but a massive confrontation.
After hundreds of activists showed up to demonstrate against Trump at his March 11 Chicago rally, the event was abruptly cancelled. Since then, Trump’s defenders and a great many moderate liberals have been painting the activists as hypocrites, partisans who talk of free speech but silence others when they don’t like what they hear. But this is farcical. Trump gets more media attention than any other candidate. And although the First Amendment enjoins the state from silencing you or your group, it doesn’t protect you from unfriendly people who don’t like what you have to say.
Besides, it’s not like the activists are trying to stamp out just extreme speech. The Trump movement has already proven that it’s ready to use physical violence to enact its code of white nationalism. In no uncertain terms, the black, Muslim and Latino activists who are putting their bodies on the line in places like Chicago are acting in self-defense. […]
Could the delusion, hysteria, and viciousness on display here be any more obvious? Jews and radical anti-White leftists truly hate Donald Trump and his supporters.

We are seeing a dangerous precedent being set. The idea that radical extremists confronting and verbally assaulting individuals at a private event in an effort to disrupt it represents a legitimate exercise of the First Amendment is absolutely absurd. The protesters in Chicago are responsible for shutting down free speech and freedom of assembly – specifically guaranteed by the First Amendment – not exercising these rights.

I wonder what liberals and Jews would think if White nationalists showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally or, say, an AIPAC conference and disrupted it, intimidating and confronting attendees? Would they be defending the actions of the protesters as legitimate expressions of the First Amendment? I doubt it.

The anti-Trump crowd is constantly attempting to portray Trump as encouraging or endorsing violent. How exactly has the Trump movement demonstrated “it’s ready to use physical violence to enact its code of white nationalism,” as the author argues? Trump is not even a White nationalist! Even more incredibly, the radical, anti-American protesters who disrupted the Trump rally in Chicago were acting in self-defense, according to Paul! How much more delusional can these people be?

Trump protester 2
A protester in Chicago legitimately exercises his First Amendment right at a Trump rally by shouting at attendees and ripping up Trump signs

Paul continues:
Jews always say in response to the Holocaust, “Never again.” Well, this activism is the living embodiment of that slogan. And if we liberals really believe in those two words, we should quit joking about moving to Canada and put our bodies on the line to protest Trump, too.
Trump has gone on the offensive against Bernie Sanders supporters, saying that the “communist” candidate has joined with angry racial minorities in forming a disruptive counter protest. It all sounds harsh, brash and hyperbolic, but there’s almost a refreshing honesty to it. Sanders may not be a communist — he’s a social democrat and a former kibbutznik, meaning that he actually believes in democratic freedom — but Trump is absolutely right that those who follow Sanders ideologically are predisposed to fighting Trump’s rhetoric in the streets as well as in the voting booths. Socialists of all varieties throughout history have fought and died to crush fascism, from the brigades of the Spanish civil war to resistance in Germany to the defense of Greece from the Nazis.
And those people who are on the receiving end of Trump’s racial incitement can’t wait until November to silently defend themselves.
This needs to be said plainly: Trump’s political ideology can only be defined as fascistic, and any other view is simply pedantic denialism. But it’s not his administration we should immediately fear. […]
What’s more troubling is that he’s brought angry, violent white nationalists out of the shadows. His rallies have become violent mobs directed at the mere presence of non-whites and Muslims. His popularity has emboldened organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and the online community Stormfront. While Trump’s presidency would be a comedic circus ending in Washington gridlock, he would give confidence to the most dangerous elements of American society. Trump might not organize Brown Shirts, but don’t be surprised if you see towns and schools districts become more overt and aggressive with their bigotry.
As scary as that sounds, it’s also the reason those of us who are seriously pondering fleeing should reconsider. […]
Watching Trump’s capitulation in Chicago, it’s clear that we need to keep the heat on him with our actions. It might be the only thing that can stop him.
These people will get violent folks. They are openly saying as much. They will do everything in their power to shut down The Donald. I admire their fighting spirit, but rest assured: that ain’t happening.

America is becoming more and more polarized with Trump’s candidacy, and it’s becoming more and more clear: you either support Donald Trump and want to ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬, or you’re with the hysterical, violent anti-American Commie terrorists attacking Trump supporters and disrupting his rallies.

I don’t know about you, but I know which side I’m on. #VoteTrump

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