Mar 28, 2016

Jack Sen Talks with Nick Griffin, Part 1

via British Renaissance

A Nationalist Conversation with Nick Griffin – hosted by Jack Sen, is part of a series of films our organisation the British Renaissance Policy Institute will be professionally producing documenting our work and the work of our friends, colleagues and fellow nationalists that have served this great nation over the years. Work that has been all but omitted for the annals of history by a corrupt, anti-English establishment.

Nick and Jack will be covering a variety of topics, as well as discussing Nick's most recent writings, feelings, legacy and worldview.

From Nick's appearance on BBC Question Time, the manner in which he and Andrew Brons were treated by the establishment during their tenure in Brussels, Nick's thoughts on the rise of UKIP, the destabilisation of Syria, Jewish involvement in the English Defence league, Pegida and other Kosher nationalist organisations, the rise of UKIP, the disturbing infiltration of both American and British nationalism by hyper aggressive homosexual males and Zionist stooges, to his catastrophic decision to involve crooks Harrington, Walker and Jefferson in the BNP – nothing's off limits.

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