Mar 7, 2016

Jewish Harvard Professor Argues for ‘Abolishing’ White Race


Influential antarian Jew, Noel Ignatiev,
founder of "Whiteness Studies"

The anti-white racist Jewish “academic” Noel Ignatiev has made a career of inflammatory slandering of a white race he clearly does not see himself as being part of. 
When you hear Jews in academia, the media, and political activism claim the existence of white privilege and white evil. you must realize that this is not self-criticism or introspection, but an attack on people of European ancestry by a tribe that not only does not see itself as European, but holds a deep historical grudge against Europeans. While it is often useful for them to be seen as “white” by their audience, the truth is that they do not actually identify as white, but as Jewish.

Ignatiev says truly insane things. He insisted in a speech made to Occupy Boston that prisons should be abolished, and then goes on to say that the fact we don’t know how to stop or protect ourselves from anti-social behavior should not deter us from releasing convicted felons back into society. 

A brief sample of his rhetoric can be seen in the following video.

What is amazing is not that somebody would make such statements. In a country of 300 million, there are bound to be plenty of idiots. It should be amazing that someone like Ignatiev would be employed as a professor, but unfortunately we know that the Talmudic yeshivas that our universities have been transformed into are teaming with like-minded people. But what I still cannot help but be amazed at is that Harvard, ostensibly America’s premier academic institution, offered admission into its graduate school for Ignatiev, despite his having dropped out of college and having spent the next quarter of a century doing nothing but working in a factory and activism in radical groups like the Communist Party of the United States. What could be a better example of the massive Jewish privilege at Harvard that we so often talk about. And without further ado, please read the following article from the Washington Times.

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