Mar 1, 2016

Jewish Journalist: Trump Is Very Bad for the Jews

via The Realist Report

It should be crystal clear to all at this point that the organized Jewish community does not want to see a Donald Trump presidency. They loathe the man and everything he stands for, which, in their eyes, is traditional White America.

We’ve seen Jewish “comedians” and “Holocaust survivors” equate Trump to Adolf Hitler and the “evil Nazis” in a pathetic and dishonest attempt to discredit his candidacy. Following Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States, the organized Jewish community unanimously condemned the man as “intolerant,” “racist,” and “bigoted.” The anti-White Jewish supremacist organization known as the Anti-Defamation League has demanded Trump distance himself from Dr. David Duke and other “White supremacists” who have made positive statements about Trump’s public policy proposals and presidential campaign generally. The Jewish mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida even attempted to ban Trump from stepping foot in the city! Suffice it to say, the Jews have been hysterically denouncing Donald Trump for months now.

In the latest blatant attack on Trump, Andrew Silow-Carroll, a Jewish journalist and CEO of the New Jersey Jewish News, has just published an article in The Times of Israel entitled, “Trump’s America is bad, very bad, for the Jews.” It really is an incredible article, revealing the innate hatred and contempt the Jew has for traditional White America. The organized Jewish community has perverted and corrupted America to suit their own particular anti-White, Jewish supremacist agenda, and they view Donald Trump as a man who has the potential to destroy the degenerate, multicultural, Marxist nightmare they’ve created here.
Two of my favorite television shows are about what I think it’s fair to call the “New America.” In Master of None, on Netflix, Indian-American comedian Aziz Ansari plays a struggling actor in a very real and diverse New York. His best friend is the son of Chinese immigrants. His girlfriend is white. And the plots have revolved, pointedly but never heavy-handedly, around the portrayal of minorities in mainstream media, and the struggles of immigrants chasing the American dream.
In Transparent, on Amazon, an alarmingly and hilariously dysfunctional Los Angeles family comes to terms with their father’s late-life realization that he (she) is transgender. Jeffrey Tambor plays Maura Pfefferman, the aging Jewish college professor who ditches a lonely suburban life for one in which gender and sexuality are fluid. Both of his daughters enter into same-sex relationships, and the question of whether they are gay, bi-, or adventurous seems to be left intentionally ambiguous. A son, Josh, is straight, promiscuous, and desperate for love.
Both shows represent a multicultural, urban America in which differences of all kinds are not just tolerated but celebrated. The immigrant characters in Master don’t need to prove themselves to the American “mainstream,” whatever that is, and don’t apologize for expecting America to live up to its promises. The LGBTQ characters in Transparent don’t suffer for their natures or their choices — at least when it comes to gender and sex (the Jewish characters mostly suffer from one another, but that’s an old story).
This is an America completely at odds with the one that has made Donald Trump the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. Consider these stats, from political journalist Thomas B. Edsall:
Poll data from the Pew Research Center shows how much Trump depends on the politically restive white working class. His backing from voters with a high school degree or less is twice as high as it is from those with college degrees; the percentage of men lining up behind him is eight points higher than the percentage of women; voters from households making $40,000 or less are 12 points more likely to cast a Trump ballot than those from households making more than $75,000.
In other words, Trump’s base tends to be white, male, undereducated, and struggling financially. But that doesn’t necessarily explain Trump’s appeal. After all, if economic self-interest were their only motivation, such voters might well support Bernie Sanders, who blames big business and crony capitalism for the inequality that has suppressed wages and decimated the working class.
But put it all together, and you get a chunk of the electorate for whom the New America is hardly America at all. If you were to create a composite from the Pew stats, you’d have a white guy who has almost nothing in common with the kinds of characters in Master or Transparent — that is, brown, Jewish, nontraditional, college-educated, pluralistic. These shows don’t represent to him what’s new about America, but what’s wrong with America. And worse, the seeming success of these characters, he feels, comes at the expense of “real” Americans like him.
Trump’s real ideology is murky, but his targets are clear: Immigrants bring problems and take away jobs. Muslims represent the worst kind of threat: an internal one. America is corrupt and fallen, and by opening its doors to foreigners, tolerating difference, and insisting upon “political correctness,” it has suppressed the very people — that is, middle-class white families — who once made the country great. […]
And that, ultimately, is why I see Trump as a threat, not just in what his candidacy means for America as a whole, but what it means for us as Jews. His message — of distrusting the foreign, of rejecting the new, of abhorring pluralism — is directly opposed to our history in this country and our best interests as a minority. And it is empowering people who reject the very notion of racial and ethnic diversity. […]
It’s very clear the organized Jewish community, as well as the mainstream mass media and political establishment generally – which of course are entirely dominated and controlled by organized Jewish interests hostile to the well-being and future prospects of the White race – absolutely hate Donald Trump. Everything Trump stands for runs contrary to the Jewish agenda to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and displace the very people whose ancestors founded and built this once great nation, which at this point has largely been accomplished.

More than anything, the Jews hate Trump because they view him as representing traditional White America, a racial demographic the Jews are at war with. Even though Trump has never made explicitly pro-White statements, his public policy proposals, particularly as they relate to immigration and international trade, are implicitly supportive of traditional White America. Trump has also courageously denounced political correctness, a key weapon of the organized Jewish community that is used to psychologically and intellectually enslave the masses while advancing Jewish interests.

Donald Trump is throwing a major wrench into the Jewish agenda to destroy America and displace her traditional racial demographic. We have to get this man in the White House!

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