Mar 29, 2016

Meet the Jew Who Will Help You Flee to Canada Once Trump Is Elected

via The Realist Report

For months now, cry baby Jews and whining liberals have been hysterically threatening to move to Canada
ifonce Donald Trump is elected president of the United States.

According to a recent report in The Times of Israel, a Jew from Boston who currently lives with his family in Toronto has set up a blog to offer advice to Americans wishing to flee north once Trump steps foot in the Oval Office. Unsurprisingly, the Jew throws in the typical Hitler comparison when talking about Trump’s political rhetoric.
It is too early to tell if there will actually be a wave (or even a trickle) of Americans immigrating to Canada if Donald Trump is elected the president of the United States this November. However, based on a spike of more than 350% in Google searches of “how to move to Canada” after Trump won primaries in seven states on Super Tuesday, it would seem that at least some Americans are looking into their options.
Jay Rosenthal, an American Jew who married a Canadian woman and moved to Toronto, wants his compatriots to know they don’t need to go it alone if they choose to cross the 49th parallel. In a new online initiative, he has offered to be their concierge — their go-to guy for all their questions about life in the Great White North.
Rosenthal recently launched “If Trump Then Canada: Helping Americans Escape Since 2016,” a blog on which he posts US election-related items. It also has a page where people can get in touch with Rosenthal.
“I’m here to help. Looking for where you might go, I can help. Seeking which hockey team to root for, I can help. Planning a little visit, need a lawyer or an accountant or just a friendly shoulder to cry on… I’m here,” he tells potential US escapees. […]
Rosenthal, 42, told The Times of Israel that he has fielded a handful of email inquiries from people asking about different Canadian cities and neighborhoods.
“I’ve gotten into conversations with them and forwarded them articles and other information,” Rosenthal said.
Rosenthal is also happy to refer people to an attorney and an accountant — both professionals whose services he knows first-hand are helpful to American transplants. […]
As an American observing the US election campaigns from Canada, Rosenthal finds what is happening “scary but not surprising.”
“The emphasis on celebrity, the populism, and the taking pride in anti-intellectualism that we are seeing are not surprising. The chickens have come home to roost for the Republican party,” he said.
Rosenthal was disappointed that AIPAC invited Trump to speak at its annual policy conference last week.
“There should be concern among American Jews about his rhetoric. His playbook is not dissimilar to Hitler’s in terms of scapegoating and playing on fear of the other,” he observed. […]
These people are so weak and pathetic. The constant comparison of Trump to Hitler, despite the ADL’s memo denouncing such a comparison, is truly absurd. Trump simply wants to enforce U.S. federal immigration laws and deal responsibly with America’s immigration crisis.

Trump is clearly a threat not only to the left, but the entire political establishment.

He is going rogue on U.S. foreign policy (see here). He has already gone rogue on immigration, political correctness, and “free” trade. The neocon Jews who have dominated the Republican Party for decades now are openly saying they will vote for Hillary or run a third party candidate to prevent Trump from winning the White House.

If some Americans really do wish to flee the U.S. once Trump is elected president, I say: good riddance! I hope all the neocons, Israel-firsters, cultural Marxists, and brainwashed anti-Whites join them.

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