Mar 18, 2016

Mexico Is Not Hell, and Illegal Immigrants Are not Refugees

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In their rush to identify the racist running for the Republican nomination, the media have got the wrong guy. It’s John Kasich. His numerous public statements and written declarations on the subject of illegal immigration confirm that he harbors a grotesquely White Supremacist attitude toward the Mexican nation. While Trump and Cruz hold to a civic nationalist position that America should only make exceptions to immigration policy for desperate refugees, Kasich finds Mexico’s current state so deplorable that the whole nation is essentially a failed state. Mexico’s such a disaster in Kasich’s mind that all of its citizens qualify as refugees to him.

For Kasich, condemning a Mexican to return to Mexico is a deplorable human rights travesty, …a dereliction of basic Christian values. John Kasich is an ardent supporter of the death penalty, believing that killing our prisoners is Christian. John Kasich believes pre-emptive strikes on foreigners is Christian. John Kasich believes escalating a WWIII confrontation with Russia is Christian.

But relocating Mexicans to Mexico? That’s incompatible with our nation’s Christian values!

The liberal consensus on immigration is implicitly White Supremacist, imbued with the premise that disallowing entry into a White country is akin to torture (…which Kasich also happens to support, ironically). Mexico’s illegal immigrants aren’t refugees by any stretch, though the national conversation around Latin American immigration would lead one to believe they are. There’s no war going on in Mexico. Few are starving, and certainly not the ones who can afford the handsome expenses required to end up in America. They have skyscrapers, Internet service, shopping malls, highways, you name it.

Marco, Jeb, and Kasich show FAR more sympathy for foreigners than for their actual constituents.
Marco, Jeb, and Kasich show FAR more sympathy for foreigners than for their actual constituents.

On average, Mexicans make about a third of what Americans make. That’s a bummer for them, but it hardly excuses the human rights campaign to welcome them over here by the tens of millions “in search of a better life.” And when one considers that cost of living, real estate, and such are more affordable there, the humanitarian case for illegal immigration is laughable. Based on the facts rather than the myths, we should open our doors to Russian refugees. Russia’s GDP per capita is roughly equal to theirs.

And why don’t we gnash our teeth with pity for Russians? Because they’re White. They’re not inferior, pitiable, and in need of White Saviors to rescue them.

White Supremacists, both the neo-colonial “White Savior” ones and the paleocon types who yearn for a return to segregation and White domination of the third world are in agreement that Mexico is hell. Just about everybody except Mexican immigrants themselves are in agreement that Mexico’s a squalid cesspit of beheadings, drug lord anarchy, and infrastructural collapse. To have both liberals and conservatives alike tell it, it’s like Somalia with better cuisine and architecture.

Deporting the tens of millions of Mexicans who happen to be illegally on American soil is no more evil than kicking partygoers out of one’s home after the party’s over. The party’s over, and they’ve got a home to return to. The partygoers might fuss on the way out, but Sally Struthers won’t be necessary. No families need to be separated, as the American citizens are welcome to return with them to the relatively prosperous and wealthy industrialized first world nation.

We don’t absolve bank robbers, though every one of them did it for a chance at a better life. We don’t let bank robbers out of prison because imprisoning them would separate them from their families. We don’t shrug our shoulders at bank robbers and insist that they should have the charges dropped if they refrain from committing any more crimes. All of that is patently asinine, and the same arguments used in favor of illegal immigration are equally asinine.

Why don’t they feel asinine to most people, though? Easy. Most Americans are led to believe that Mexico is hell, and that escaping from it is some grave act of desperation by refugees from unspeakable deprivation. Mexicans are not refugees. They’re the farthest thing from it. They’re economic migrants eager to take advantage of our economy which happens to be even more prosperous and wealthy than theirs.

The entire conversation on both sides is insulting to Latin Americans. Their economies aren’t as strong as ours, and their key socioeconomic performance metrics lag our own somewhat. But Latin America’s been rapidly developing over the past few decades and it’s been doing quite well for itself, especially since America’s free trade policies have saved tens of millions of Latin Americans the trouble of jumping the border to take our jobs.

Americans have their own squalid poverty in the Appalachian hills and hollers. Americans have their own drug lords and virtual war zones in Chicago and Detroit. Honestly, save for a handful of places, the starving, crying, and dying brown people who figure so heavily in the White American imagination are starving, crying, and dying because our Republican and Democrat joint neocon foreign policy is directly starving, terrorizing, and killing them. The only Mexicans trapped in a third world nightmare scenario are the ones who achieved American citizenship, signed up for our military, and are currently deployed overseas.

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