Mar 3, 2016

Michael Sheuer on the Shabbos Goy Problem

via The End of Zion

In response to a comment about Jewish control of the U.S. Government on his website, author and ex-CIA intelligence officer Michael Scheuer wrote:
It is true that disloyal, Israel-First Jewish-Americans are an important problem, as well as the main driver of the derangement of U.S. foreign policy into one that results in our involvement in unending and almost always unnecessary wars. They are the engine of corruption on foreign policy issues in the United States. But though they will always be disloyal, they would be absolutely impotent — and, indeed, comical — if their campaign contributions, media power, and threats of political retribution, did not have a seemingly unending supply of prominent and avaricious U.S. citizens who will take their money and do their bidding. And the graft takers, as far as I can tell, are overwhelmingly non-Jewish. The core of the problem is not that there are rich Jewish-American corrupters but that there are many, many, many more prominent non-Jewish Americans who will take the corrupting money and betray their country and the electorate, and this latter group constitutes the core of the Republican and Democratic parties. MFS

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