Mar 4, 2016

Nation of Islam: A Model for all Nationalists?

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Earlier this week, I received a bit of unwelcome media attention after helping the crowd eject an aggressive and disruptive protester from a Trump rally. While I usually enjoy exploiting media attention to raise awareness of our organization and our cause, this incident played right into the asinine myth that Donald Trump is some kind of closeted racialist. That myth harms both his campaign and our own.

I’m not the least bit concerned about aggravating the Black Lives Matter and SJW hucksters, as their escalation and polarization plays right into our own hands. I did nothing to the adult woman that she didn’t do twice over to the innocent women, old people, veterans, and children in her path when she and her mob threw the violent tantrum which got her ejected. I don’t have one iota of “chivalry” for a criminal gang of cop killers, thugs, and anti-White hatemongers.

Black Lives Matter’s strategy is disastrously misguided, based on a presumption that Whites will be bullied and guilted into “racial justice” within a multicultural framework. The opposite is the case, and every BLM success is met with an even greater awakening of White racial identity. However, not all pro-Black organizations are as ignobly manipulative and self-defeating. In fact, some Black Nationalist projects are more disciplined, intelligent, and productive than any White Nationalist projects, including my own.

Black Lives Matter ought to be confronted and defeated, but not all pro-Black organizations ought to be. Some of them deserve our respect and cooperation. I would say they deserve your support, but they don’t want your support, …White man. They belong to the Garveyite school of self-reliance, Black Pride, and separation. Unlike the BLM project which is a Black dog wagged by a Jewish and White Leftist tail hellbent on forcible racial integration, some Black Nationalists think for themselves.

Their struggle isn’t the enemy of our struggle. They’re our natural allies in the global struggle against Jewish oligarchs and global capitalist subversion of faith, family, and folk. Jewish billionaire oligarch George Soros has invested tens of millions in the Black Lives Matter rent-a-mob phenomenon, but you won’t see a dime of global financier money invested in the Nation of Islam. Not that they would ask for or accept it.

Could it Be Any More Obvious?
Could it Be Any More Obvious That Black Americans Are Being Conned?
One of the first things one realizes as a Traditionalist and a Nationalist is that our principles not only apply to all peoples, but that all peoples are under attack. As the White population falls more and more away from the faith of our fathers and our traditions, one cannot help but also see the same situation happening in other ethnic communities. Perhaps the hardest hit community in America by the effects of modernity has been America’s Black community.

In the wake of segregation, the Black community has faced a new cultural onslaught. When segregation ended, in many areas the Black middle class and small business owners went out of business or lost significant amounts of their market share, due to Black residents now being encouraged to patronize White-owned businesses.

The Black community suffered a double blow when the middle and upper class of Blacks moved into multiracial areas, away from the Black community they had previously worked in and led. Overnight the Black community lost many of its most talented, wealthy, and influential citizens to the lure of gated communities, “good schools,” and social approval. The Black middle and upper class did the same thing that the White elites did; cut themselves off from their people and communities and instead embrace the capitalist and global cosmopolitan dream of the elite America.

Decapitated by the Left of their organic local leadership, the Black community was easy picking for Jewish-run Hollywood to promote degenerate, violent, and anti-social culture of degeneracy and greed. Black Americans have been the canary in the coal mine of subversion and community destruction. We White Nationalists would do well to think twice before mocking Black dysfunction, as our own people are just a generation or so behind.

Remember when “baby daddies” and routine out-of-wedlock childbirths were just a Black thing? A people who is enslaved to drugs, poverty and who is disconnected from their culture is easy to manipulate and dominate. The same plans the Jews are using against White people today, has been used against the Black community for decades.

In the age of Black hucksters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who care more about their finances than actually helping Black people, there is one group that has steadfastly fought for the best interests of Black people for generations: the Nation of Islam.

Originally founded in 1930, the Nation of Islam has been a pillar of the American Black community for over three generations. As an Orthodox Christian, I have huge differences with the theology of the NOI. I believe there is no salvation outside of Christ’s arms, but I also respect that there’s a righteous ecumenism of mutual respect we’re called to engage in with those outside of our denominations, faiths, and identities in pursuit of good works. The fruit of the Nation of Islam speaks for itself, with a wealth of good works for their own people, in stark contrast with #BlackLivesMatter’s record of antagonism, rhetoric, rioting, and Jewish subversion.

As we forge the Traditionalist Worker Party to be a voice for White Americans, I hope we can learn a great deal from the Nation of Islam on how to promote healthy culture for our men and women, …advocating politically, economically, and socially for our folk. Far from the supremacist goon who mindless despises Black people for the color of their skin that I’m portrayed as by the anti-White (and anti-Black) mainstream media, I have an attitude of admiration and respect for the Black leaders who are setting an example to emulate of community service for their kinsmen.

For the uninitiated, the Nation of Islam is a Black nationalist movement; originally founded by Elijah Muhammad, to organize the Black community behind a religious, social, and political vision. The NOI has built up an impressive amount of community aid, mentorship for young men and women, a highly read newspaper, and other resources to promote Black culture, Black self-sufficiency, and a Black political voice for their folk. While the Black elites abandoned their communities, the Nation of Islam dove directly in to help Black people where they were at.

The only “answers” that the kosher civil rights campaigners offer are for struggling Blacks to get into White neighborhoods, to get into White schools, and to get hired at White businesses. What Shaun King and his allies offer is an encrypted form of White Supremacy where Black progress is defined in terms of how much White culture they can emulate and how much White stuff they can get their hands on. Not all Black Americans can achieve The Blind Side’s dream of being adopted by a White family, and many of them find that “answer” insulting. Because it is.

On a variety of issues, we’ll disagree with the Nation of Islam, of course. We as advocates for our folk disagree with some of the rhetoric and proposed policies of the NOI. However, I believe we have more in common than most people would assume. Nationalists love their people and their culture, regardless of if you are White or Black. With respect for one another, nationalists can work together to take care of the concerns and issues of their respective communities, without needing to agree on everything.

We must find a way to work together. No single nation can take on the globalists alone. Anti-globalism is a global project, and it will require uniting multiple cultures against multiculturalism. We must arrive at an integrated response to forced integration, with Blacks and Whites overcoming a Black-and-White approach to racial antagonisms. These people must be doing something right, or they wouldn’t already be standing in solidarity with us on the ADL and SPLC’s rogues gallery of groups they hate: “hate groups.”

In the age of glorifying degenerate “celebrities”, promoting miscegenation and the rise of globalism; the Nation of Islam has stood against all of these poisons. The NOI promotes healthy relationships between strong Black men and women, to then raise healthy and culturally attuned Black children, all contributing to the overall Black culture. A stand against racial intermingling is one that has had the Nation of Islam receive horrific attacks in the media by Jewish and Leftist groups, but the NOI has stood strong behind the view that as nationalists, they must ensure healthy and homogeneous communities and to build the next generation to carry on their culture and Identity.

The NOI promotes modesty among both men and women within the Black community
The NOI promotes modesty among both men and women within the Black community

Minister Louis Farrakhan and other NOI leaders have also actively promoted Black run communities, up to and including the modeling of a Black Homeland here in the United States. Minister Farrakhan said on the subject that “Separation would be the solution to our race problem.

The creation of a Black Homeland would allow the Black population to govern themselves, support their culture, and possess true self determination. As a nationalist who wants this for my people, I wholeheartedly endorse the NOI’s policy on the subject of building up their people to the point where they can have their own self-governed sovereign homeland in North America.

The power of economics is one of the ways that the Jewish power-brokers subvert and control communities and individuals. The Nation of Islam has been a huge proponent of setting up and growing both official NOI businesses in Black communities and supporting members in starting small businesses.

Malcolm X famously said,
“The economic philosophy of Black Nationalism shows our people the importance of setting up these little stores and developing them and expanding them into larger operations. Woolworth didn’t start out big like they are today. They started out with a dime store and expanded and expanded and then expanded until today, they’re are all over the country and all over the world, and they get to some of everybody’s money.”
White Nationalists should follow the NOI example and begin building ourselves businesses to employ our members, redevelop our economically failing communities, and invest in the manpower and talent of our people. Economic self-sufficiency is the mark of a free people, and getting ourselves out of the position where the System can call our employers to have us fired for Thought Crime, is a solid path forward to helping not only grow our movement, but set us on a positive course.

Within the NOI, there is also a program of supporting agriculture for the Black community. The NOI has over 1,600 acres of arable farmland that produces 400,000 pounds of watermelons, 12,000 pounds of vegetables, and 100,000 pounds of wheat annually. According to the NOI these “products and other goods are delivered to 35 cities and jobs have been created in the area.” This self-sufficiency feeds into NOI businesses and promotes Black men and women being able to regain a tie with the soil, something the modern world destroys. And of course as with many of its endeavors, this farm project helps fund NOI activities.

Mentorship within a community is crucial to bringing up the next generation of men and women. Along with providing community meetings, education resources and other local aid; the Nation of Islam also heavily promotes masculinity to its male members and Traditional femininity to its female members. The NOI’s male security wing is known as the Fruit of Islam and it provides security for NOI events and works within the Black community.

Until the Jewish led Anti-Defamation League petitioned Congress to cancel the contracts, the Fruit of Islam provided security in Black housing projects throughout the 1990’s. This is a model that all should support because instead of having non-Black cops patrol the streets, communities should be patrolled by members from that same community. This reduces tension between the community and law enforcement while empowering the men of the community to take charge of the protection of their ethnic brothers and sisters.

The Fruit of Islam also promotes physical health, intellectual growth and a willingness to defend their Faith, Family and Folk to all of its members. Likewise, the Traditionalist Worker Party should put into place an avenue for dedicated young men to become strong in mind, body and spirit to take charge in their communities, to mentor the young, and to protect our homes and people in times of need.

The Fruit of Islam providing security at an NOI march
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Throughout the organization, the NOI promotes modesty in dress, abstinence from drugs, and healthy social behavior for its members. This is a shining example of how a movement can work to lift up its members to be better, stronger and healthier; rising above the poisonous dregs of Modernity.

Minister Farrakhan encourages Black artists and celebrities to invest their wealth and talents into the Black community to strengthen it financially and spiritually. Also the Minister has spoken out against Black rappers and singers turning Black women into mere sexual objects in their music and instead to promote healthy social values to lift up men and women alike through positive messaging. From providing jobs, to teaching Black culture, to securing their neighborhoods and building a plan for a Black Homeland; the Nation of Islam is a positive force for Black’s in America.

We as White nationalists extend a hand of friendship and respect to the NOI and their goals, all while working to create a similar movement. Our political Party is not just about elections, it is about becoming a revolutionary force to rebuild our families and our people as a whole to once again embrace the concepts of Faith, Family and Folk.

We must be economically and socially independent of the globalist machine, building our own “State within a State” where we create jobs and opportunities for our people while we help them rebuild from the degeneracy of the modern age. While we won’t be at the level of the Nation of Islam for some time, our Party can easily become a sort of White version of the NOI for our own people in modern America. Our people need leadership and a movement to fight for them. Black Americans have the Nation of Islam, White Americans have the Traditionalist Worker Party; and together, nationalists of all races can work to dismantle and destroy the globalist hegemony that plagues all free peoples.

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