Mar 3, 2016

Nationalist Unity: A Report

via Western Spring

Recently, five Nationalists from three groups met in Portsmouth with a view to co-operating in the advancement of the Nationalist Cause. The three groups were Western Spring, Pie and Mash Squad, and the New British Union (NBU).
It was immediately evident that the Pie and Mash Squad are a close-knit group consisting of long-standing friendships (it is clear they have each other’s backs), and so it was especially heartening for myself and the NBU lad to be welcomed with such trust and hospitality. It was refreshing also to see and speak with the NBU lad –a well-spoken and well turned out youngster from leafy North Hampshire whose great uncle was an active member of the Mosley’s British Union. (It’s becoming increasingly evident that the inane narrative of “knuckle-dragging, drunken, far-Right skinheads” –regurgitated by the controlled media and Establishment’s Red lackeys– is now untenable, especially in light of Nationalist youth with their fashy haircuts, well-cut smart clothes, university education, fresh perspectives, and admirable dedication.

Putting aside our slight ideological variants and different perceptions of strategy and tactics, we were all from the offset in agreement that Nationalist unity is possible and should be encouraged. However, we jokingly acknowledged that it is impossible to expect everyone to conform to subjective ideological purity and resolved to admit the folly of expecting such. Ultimately, people are different, and this difference manifests in the many variants of Nationalism –a truism that ought to be recognised and worked with. It was agreed there is no problem with groups working together if all persons are working for the same end goal: the survival, proliferation, and development of the natives of our land here and across Europe. To further this point, I strongly urge you revisit The Twin Principles of Racial Nationalism.

We have no time for spats, sideshows, and pantomimes. We all know what needs to be done –but we all have different perspectives on how to do it. However, this divergence of ideas does not justify our not working together on common goals and for the Cause. The survival of the White race is paramount; everything else is secondary. The White Army and the Freikorps were collectives consisting of many entities that unified to fight communism –and we must follow that example against our common enemy if we are not to be left atomised and in disarray.

Power of UnityThe Pie and Mash Squad are autonomous Nationalists: a group without a leader, but a sizeable force of lads who know the problem, feel they have a solution, and consistently act without the need of being told to. They should be an inspiration to all who are left floundering without the direction of the Dear Leader. That is not to say that a strong, charismatic leader does not motivate; however, as our circumstances have necessitated a change of tactics –a metapolitical extra-parliamentary plan B– the fuhrerprinzip (while to many not redundant) was mostly evident in, and perhaps best-suited to, the party system and another age. And if motivation is thus so reliant –contingent upon being told what to do and how to do it– then in the absence of such a figure, demotivation is unfortunately the natural consequence.

A topic of particular interest was the standard-demonstration-versus-flash-demonstration debate. We were all of the mind that flash demonstrations are more effective and successful –and this has been, and will remain, the strategy of Pie and Mash Squad. Indeed, they spoke highly of a recent article on the Dover demonstration, at which a large number of the Squad was present as a security contingent.

After much political discussion we turned to the metapolitical, extra-parliamentary, social half of Nationalism. It was suggested that all but two seniors of the sizeable Squad, and others, would be interested in attending Legion’s summer camp. I reassured them that much-more senior gentlemen often attend Legion’s camps; that exercise and physical activities are optional; that there is no obligation to do anything; and that at Legion’s camps there is something for everyone –an important point of the weekend being networking, and the promotion of camaraderie and bonds of kinship within the tribe.

In closing, I thank all four lads for taking the time and effort to network and build unity. I look forward to meeting the many others in the area and working with you all in the coming weeks of our future collective struggle.

Step it up, White man, and be your own leader. Seek out and contact others in your area, and further afield, and get involved. Share along with me the morale boost that results from the assurance that you have many other like-minded kinsmen in your immediate area and are not alone and isolated.

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