Mar 17, 2016

Sea Changes

via Western Spring

The fall of the Left/Liberal consensus has long been anticipated by those on our side of politics; the Left is devoid of ideas and originality, all of its nostrums have been tested to destruction and the consequences – societal breakdown – are all around us. The empty husk waits only for a fresh, strong, breeze to blow it out of the positions of power and influence which it still occupies by sheer inertia. Alex Kurtagic once forecast that we might not realise that the great change had come about until afterwards, and perhaps that’s how it always is with great but slow change which has little perceivable impact on the everyday life of people.
Janet Daley, whose articles in the Telegraph I always read with interest, wrote about the Trump candidacy the other day. She very obviously dislikes Mr. Trump, which is fair enough – I doubt if many of us would care to spend much time in his company – but she surprised me with her rejection, not of his person but of his politics. She went on to endorse in glowing terms the centrist, establishment candidate, Rubio. On reflection I realised that Janet’s views had not changed with the passage of time; it is the political atmosphere which has changed around her and left her behind, and she has only just realised it.

Janet Daley would probably describe herself as a “conservative”, which in the post-sixties world has come to mean one who is not really conservative at all but actually a classical liberal – as liberal on social matters as on economic. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has managed to hit what one commentator has described as “the sweet spot” – maximising public support by combining populist economic policies with socially conservative ones. It is that sweet spot, that populist combination,  which has led to him being described as a “national socialist” – needless to say he is not the kind of national socialist who stamps around in jack boots (at least I hope not) but he is the kind who puts his own people first, realising that a nation needs to be safe –  its borders protected from foreign intrusion and its economy from unfair foreign competition. Not only has Trump been described as a national socialist but very interestingly, and perhaps as a direct consequence, he is said to be the most left wing of the remaining Republican contenders, capable of picking up White voters from Bernie Sanders should he lose the Democratic nomination to Mrs. Clinton.

So has the sea change happened? It certainly seems as if in the United States the days of interchangeable centrist candidates  (how did Bush differ from Clinton on anything that matters ?) may be passing. What about elsewhere? The EU, a centrist establishment project if ever there were one, is creaking alarmingly under the stresses and strains of its doomed Euro currency and a suicidal immigration policy. Out of the mess, new forces rise both on the ultra Right and on the far Left and it is those forces which will find themselves picking up the pieces if and when the EU project falls apart. Even here in the UK, we see a pale reflection of the continental sea change in the rise of Farage and Corbyn – much more significantly, in the referendum we now have a chance not only to unshackle ourselves from a corpse, but to dig a grave for the remains.

It is, though, an oddity of Britain, and particularly of England, that we have always rather prided ourselves on being a mild and moderate people, not given to continental or American excess and avoiding all trace of extremism in our politics. That means that if and when we throw off the shackles of the EU and recover control of our borders, most people will be satisfied; there will be little appetite to go further by reversing the dispossession of our people from so much of our country, the appetite will rather be for integration and assimilation. In that appetite lies a very great danger for our racial and cultural identity and that is why we as racial nationalists, profoundly though we must hope for our country’s liberation from the EU, must never slacken in our determination to recover every inch of our country for ourselves alone. No “mild and moderate” for us!

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