Mar 2, 2016

Shitlord Networking

via The Right Stuff

TRS has come under fire. Twitter is tightening the screws. Facebook has long been Communist-occupied territory. Apple is even censoring the Radix podcast. By now it’s clear that our online presence and connections are tenuous and under attack. While this is a promising sign of our increasing effectiveness, it also means our ability to connect and stay connected is threatened. And if we can’t network and grow, we’ll remain isolated and marginalized. It is critical then that we strengthen our digital ties, but also carefully build groups of like-minded people dedicated to advancing our own interests in real life: local chapters in a nationwide fraternity of sorts. It is not difficult to get started, and there are simple ways to minimize risks. But there is also an urgency to the task, and there is no substitute for real-world interaction. We are burning daylight in the twilight of Western civilization, and we will live-tweet our demise if we remain as atomized individuals behind glowing screens.

Digital Networking. TRS regulars are painfully aware of the two recent losses of the Forum, and the hard-earned posting histories and reputations that went with it. Twitter users are likely familiar with the Duck’s social media kamikaze attack to call attention to an impending clampdown on our kind (NB Former Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson revealed himself as the Duck on February 22). JH McFeels has documented the insane steps required to maintain a Facebook account that challenges the narrative. And we have all likely lost contact with someone due to an account Shoah’d by some subcontinental hate-speech adjudicator. If you have only one means of communication with a fellow thought criminal (Twitter, e.g.), then be prepared to see it go dark. Add N+1 communications redundancy with people you respect and trust, and with whom you’d hate to lose a connection. PM or DM your anon email to them. Create a secondary Twitter handle in case you get un-personed. Use a secure messaging account with known associates. Alternative platforms may be on the way, but an anvil of digital censorship still looms over us, and if you are not already linked up in real life, you at least need multiple ways to stay electronically connected.

Opsec. Some readers will be leery of any call to increase networking, let alone to meet IRL. This is of course reasonable, and just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. Opsec should come first in everything you do, and the welfare of you and your family is primary. Follow these recommendations online. Never use your real name or your personal email account, at least not until you’ve established trust. Never publicly post the details or location of a Pool Party; share them individually through private messages. If a contact seems too inquisitive or overeager, ignore him. But recognize too that if you prefer to remain purely anonymous and strictly online, you run the risk of failing to establish real connections with people who might help you in the grim days to come. The threat of ZOG agents infiltrating the Alt Right—or whatever you prefer to call it—is unquestionably lower than the more mundane efforts of SJWs and obese Jewish political consultants to dox anyone opposing their foul agenda. The United States imports over 100,000 Muslims every year, and Europe is under invasion; the only upside of this ongoing disaster is that it distracts the Eye of Sauron from rightwing race-realist commentary. Networking with like-minded rare Pepe aficionados is not illegal (yet), and by growing our ranks, we will gain safety in numbers.

Meatspace Networking. Get two shitlords together in a bar, and you’ve already got a network. One example: After communicating with a local goy on social media for years and establishing that his persona was not a JIDF long game, we finally agreed to meet for a beer, each invited other trusted contacts, and enjoyed the real-world exchange of hatefacts so much that the network has grown ever since. The Forum’s Standard Pool Party section (now re-vivifying) has been indispensable for outreach and vetting. Start a thread if you don’t see your area already in the list. Share your vague geographic location (like your state) in social media profiles to allow likeminded followers to reach out. For early meetups, consider a dark dive bar, although a shooting range is arguably safer since guns are like garlic to shitlib vampires. The March NPI and May AmRen conferences are also excellent catalysts for networking.

Best Practices. There is no need to ever share your real name or profession, and if you’re really concerned about a dox ambush early on, wear a hat and sunglasses. Start small, establish trust and rapport carefully over time, communicate regularly, and try to meet at least once a month. Gradually you will gauge levels of intensity and availability, and tailor meetups accordingly. Although it comes with risks, there is no substitute for meatspace networking. It is incredibly reassuring and rewarding to build a crew of comrades with whom you can associate and speak freely. It also makes our increasingly grim reality far more tolerable. And with the momentum we have witnessed since 2015, it is possible that isolated local groups today will eventually coalesce into something bigger and far more effective down the road.

We all hope that Trump’s popularity and signs of Europe’s awakening foreshadow a restoration of free association, the return of immigration sanity, and the destruction of Cultural Marxism. But even if we witness a Miraculous Election or two, it may still be too late for America or the West. And if Trump fails, our immediate prognosis is grim. If you think we live in a leftist multicultural dystopia now, just imagine life under Madam President. Yet defeatism is not in our DNA. As Greg Johnson has counseled, “we need to keep laying the metapolitical groundwork…we need to spread our ideas and build our community.” We need to work for the best while preparing for the worst. So get networking.

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