Mar 4, 2016

Stronger, Safer, Better Off – Out!

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After a great deal of huffing and puffing, of late night dramas, of last minute crises, of shirt sleeved “battling for Britain”, Mr. Cameron got his “deal”, just as we always knew he would; and it was an empty husk just as we had always known it would be. But it may be enough to deliver him the victory which he craves for he is undoubtedly an effective campaigner, and he has on his side not only all the forces of the establishment but the very natural tendency of people to vote, however reluctantly, for what they know.

But for us as nationalists it can never be a matter of opting for the familiar because Britain’s membership of the EU will bring about the end of our country as the homeland of a recognisable people. This existential crisis arises from the very purpose for which the EU was founded – to replace existing nations with a new one, a United States of Europe, and from the mechanism which will bring that new nation into being, the free movement of people.  There are half a billion people with a right as EU citizens to live in our country and they are doing so at the net rate of 200,000 every year. It is already the case that more than a third of the children born in England and Wales each year are non White British and the Office for National Statistics has calculated that White Brits will be a minority among under eighteens by 2037 – just twenty one years from now.
Of course, the EU is not the only source of our dispossession – if only it were! To the shame of successive governments similar or greater numbers come from outside the EU, but that immigration could be halted and reversed by a government with the will to do it; the only way to halt the fifty per cent of immigration which comes from the EU is to leave.
We now have the opportunity to take our country out of the EU at the forthcoming referendum, and it is an opportunity which we must not fail to take because it will not return. Our position as British nationalists is different from that of the Scottish nationalists because they have youth on their side; although they failed in 2014 they know that they have every prospect of success should there be another referendum at any time within the foreseeable future. We do not have youth on our side – every opinion survey shows that opposition to the EU, and opposition to immigration more generally, diminishes rapidly as one goes down the age groups; a recent survey of attitudes to patriotism showed that in the youngest age group those who defined themselves as “very patriotic” collapsed from 32% in 2003 to 20% only ten years later – a change attributed to the expansion of university education.
Brexit 5

The stark truth is that without the young on our side we have no future. That is why none of the work which we do is more important than that which we do with young people.  This work will bear fruit in the future and will ensure that not only will something survive of our race and nation, but that in the long term all will be recovered. One thing is certain, however, and that is that the road back to a healthy all White, all British Britain will be a long and hard one made immeasurably longer and harder by our membership of the EU. That is why we must leave – safer, stronger and better off OUT!

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