Mar 24, 2016

The Battle of Liverpool

via National Action

On the 27th of February a unity demonstration called by the North West Infidels (NWI) inflicted a humiliating defeat against the communists, this follows a run of bad luck which saw them bloodied and cowering at Dover. The anti-fascist media is running overtime on laughable ‘propaganda’ damage control that one would usually associate with the right wing. The truth is undeniable – 130 nationalists, among them 30 members of National Action took to the steps of St Georges hall outside Lime Street Station Liverpool where 6 months before we faced crushing opposition that cancelled the last official ‘White Man March’. Here we freely held speeches where we denounced race traitors and the City’s mayor Joe Anderson in front of an impotent number of disorganised communists. Not only did we achieve everything that we could possibly hope to do but it went off perfectly.


How did we do this? All the organisations worked and planned in secret using new/experimental methods that relied heavily on our opposition underestimating us. You will recall the planned demonstration in Manchester in our February review? This had been a ruse from the beginning and by cleverly rerouteing the counter-demonstration and announcing the venue at 24 hours notice it sowed chaos in the ranks of the antifa, soured their plans, and significantly delayed them. It also ensured that their forces would be split and those organising violence would have to improvise with materials on-hand (favourites of the antifascists are elaborate devices such as razor blades in potatoes – too impractical and risky to travel with). The formal/respectable face of the counter demo Hope Not Hate was committed to keeping their part of the demonstration in Manchester, 100+ people who could otherwise have caused us problems – indeed it is their own claim that they are the ‘command centre’ for antifascist violence and that their ‘intelligence operatives’ are there on the ground to direct these assaults (why the CTU are not kicking in their front doors remains a mystery). We published the RV as the Quayside and had guys take pictures of themselves there in the morning so also succeed in putting the opposition on a wild goose chase within the city itself.

10 Socialist worker manchester

A review of the photos from that day clearly show that the number of the opposition in masks (ie those from organisations such as AFA that mask up because they are intent on carrying out organised violence) were only in the double digits. The vast majority of the counter demonstrators were students (thousands of which were housed above lime street station, the one kid that was ripping up stones from the war monument without a mask for instance, clearly didn’t have a clue what he was doing) and a bunch of junkies from the smackhead camp who had nothing better to do.

Tactical Reflections

1. Our strategy is working perfectly. Patriots come to peacefully demonstrate in a city and they are attacked by a red mob who everyone associates with the politicians and the labour party. Because we had the numbers, the strength, and the organisation – the counter demonstration was prolonged into a full blown riot which shut down everything in the city except the demonstration itself. The media and politicians place the entire blame on us and it backfires; the public see through the smokescreen – they see can see with their own eyes who is responsible for the violence, so they sympathise with out cause – and because we are the only forces capable of doing this, they are sympathising with National Socialism.

The enemy has no recourse to this, we are not breaking any laws and they can do nothing more against us than they are already doing. Mayor Joe’s calls for executive powers to ban marches are an empty threat and nothing more than a political tantrum. The issue cannot be raised because the only practical assessment would conclude that it is that the state backed antifascists need reeling in – take them out of the equation there is no violence, no police, and no £60,000 clean-up bill. Our flash demonstration in Liverpool last November proved that much; the Mayor knows it, the police know it, the reds know it, the media know it, but they lie through their teeth – don’t you just love your ‘free press’?

Nationalists who continue to criticise our actions in Liverpool are oblivious to the fact that institutional and left wing violence is the most important problem affects the right wing. It is a problem that was totally unaddressed by nationalists during the ‘glorious’ Griffin era – they did nothing to resist their enemy so neither did the police. Any group that is not working to actively combat these thugs is a non starter because the group either gets suppressed, or they must self marginalise their own activities to places where they have no effect.

2. In Hope Not Hate’s ‘The State of Hate 2015’ report they referred to National Action as the most ‘organisationally sophisticated (Far-Right) group’ but in truth all our partners have been picking up on the new method of things as well. For this to have worked, all parties had to have been in full co-operation and enforcing standards across their whole membership. The antifascists still refuse to believe that Liverpool was always the intended target as if we would throw our own demonstration into the same chaos intended for our enemies, and would risk Liverpool of all places! This march was a success because of the rigorous new standards for secrecy the participating organisations employed and ultimately judgement of Shane Calvert (knowing which groups to contact and how to contact them, who to trust and who not to trust, etc) and he pulled it off with the best possible outcome. Yet because of class arrogance and prejudice the opposition simply cannot accept that an organisation like the NWI was capable of this. They will learn soon enough to fear weaponised psyche warfare cyber chavs, because that is what we are building in this country, and it is only the beginning.

There was an exception to this was the amount of people that managed to get themselves trapped in other parts of the city, including a pub of all places. The plan was to not hit Liverpool until as close to 2 as possible yet many people arrived hours beforehand. 130 of us made it to the RV on time (apart from the Poles, but no problem, they bombed their way through) This was how it should have been done by everyone. If everybody had stuck to the original plan we would have had easily another 60 nationalists on the steps and we could have done with them.

Gentlemen, these marches are no longer a pub crawl, it’s fucking war and if we can’t get these simple tactics right we’re never going to win.

3. We have overcome the setback of the last White Man March much sooner than expected. The breakthrough of being able to plan mass unity demonstrations in partial secrecy with 100-200 attendees cannot possibly be understated, and after this we can expect that to increase. Before we can hold pre-advertised respectable marches we must first break the red terror which is a weapon employed by the system – it has it’s weaknesses and we can destroy them over time. Since it’s inception National Action have been pioneering the flash mob approach and it has been very successful, none of our flash demonstrations has ever led to violence or illegal incidents. Whenever nationalists plan a march with police it gets leaked to the politicians, the politicians raise an army, and there is violence and disorder. Flash demonstrations are our legally protected right and by holding them we are ensuring the safety of our own men, police officers, and the general public.

4. Those who still wish to take the fight to us will increasingly meet nationalists equal terms. Man to man we are enormously superior – among the ranks of the antifa are pasty students and drug addicts, but everyone on the steps of St. Georges hall was a Soldier. Until now anti-fascist activism has been a ‘safe’ activity and that is why their numbers are usually larger than ours on a big call out. The more those who intend to conduct legally sanctioned political violence return home with scars and smashed faces, the less inclined universities and other institutions will be to put them in danger, they will gravitate towards more sensible low risk events instead of pathetic childish LARPing. Now that we are mounting an effective resistance to the red terror Policing in the UK will inevitably have to respond in dealing with planned violence on the leftist side – we are not going to let it come to a Swedish situation where we wait until they are hunting us like rats in a cage, we are the ones who knock.

5. The leftists are playing right into our hands. Our activities and our provocative style cause them to chimp out on a scale that nobody has ever seen outside the anti-austerity riots. everybody has observed the change in the attitudes of police over the past few years, despite the mercenary nature of their work they are increasingly sympathetic because of events like this and it is a matter of time before this becomes institutional. Many of the officers we remember from lime street and they knew who not to turn their backs to.

Cobble stones torn up by communists
Cobble stones torn up by communists

6. Our communication networks are secure – if there had been a thousand antifa blockading the station entrance like last time then this would be a very different story and to suffer another Lime Street would have been a disastrous setback. The authorities also had only an indication of the intended place of the march with no confirmation – when authorities lack intelligence they are more likely to be co-operative as a matter of caution.

7. There are those who still object to the wearing of facemasks. At demonstrations such as these police film all protesters, and then cross check the footage with records of students and possibly all kinds of other databases. There are also media cameras with high resolution lenses that are well within their right to release such images to those who would identify us and wish to do us harm. If our dress code was not institutionalised then many would feel pressured to take liberties with their personal security – preserving the anonymity of our activists is paramount and days like Liverpool re-enforce that.

8. Despite all of the above people will still ask ‘what was achieved’? What we pulled off in Liverpool was a total work of art, not just a riot, but a thing of beauty – to a propagandist the imagery is a dream come true. Not only were the NA activists on point, but so were all of the other groups in both their presentation, organisation, and message. When one considers that many of these organisations were literally the EDL until recently it is impressive to see how quickly the these new standards have been adopted and followed through. The best part is that we did not have to organise this, others took the initiative.

Note: the ‘Poles’ under the banner of ‘Hooligans Poland’ are no relation to the NOP (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski/National Rebirth of Poland) who are one of a number of Polish expat organisations in the UK. That day the NOP readers are familiar with were attending a separate unity demonstration in London outside the German Embassy protesting on behalf of heroes such as Horst Mahler.

The North West Infidels put our a call to National Action, Scottish Defence League, Right Wing Resistance, South East Alliance, Polish Hooligans, and all other European Nationalists to attend a demonstration on the 27th of February 2016 in Liverpool (and to those outside of the loop Manchester City centre). It was to be a static demonstration for freedom of speech, opposition to mass invasion of racial aliens, and an all out rejection of the pig System and the effeminate, obese, low energy Major Joe ‘King-Cuck’ Anderson’s plans to turn Liverpool’s 91% European populace into a decadent and debased mass of raw material to be processed by System.

As pre arranged National Action mobbed up at the rendezvous so we could all come in together. There was absolutely no drinking before the event, we needed cool clear heads – and knowing the hell we were walking into it was unlikely any of us would have rest until the evening.

When we got off the train we were greeted by liaison officers who “Right, where are you going lads?” and kindly walked us to the RV. By law police must facilitate peaceful demonstrations and we had gathered in such numbers that protocol advises collaboration.

Just as planned we arrived at the same time as the NWI, SDL(Scottish Defence league) amassing across the whole steps of St. Georges hall. We all unfurled banners, ours stating “Britain is ours! The rest must go!” and advertising to “Join the White gang!”

The feeling was amazing, we had done it! Greeting us was a dispersed crowd observing what was occurring, for the first hour we would hold the entire steps of the hall where we were free to assemble, hold speeches, and demonstrate – a single antifa with the antifascistce Aktion flag strutted back and forth in front of the thin police line. When members of the SEA (South East Alliance) walked past soon after one communist pushed a woman from behind, a scuffle broke out but they pulled back when they saw a hundred nationalists charge down the steps. As it hit the 20 minute mark a relatively large crowd of observers had amassed along with a growing police presence.

It turned out that there were a group of antifa in the city and they had blockaded 30 nationalists drinking in a pub – not the plan guys. Half an hour after we arrived the counter protest had moved into the road facing St. Georges Hall. An NA speaker took the microphone and delivered a scathing speech to the crowd

“We have a dream we are not just going to return this country to it’s rightful owners, we are going to free them! We are going to end poverty, feed the homeless, cure the sick, and kill the banks. My generation was raised in a fatherless home, NO MORE, There are going to be white families and white children with a future, a future free from the dangers faced by our youth today. And that is why we fight, I don’t care how bad they make me look, my name in the paper and the Name of National Action, because we are fighting for a good cause – and we fight! That is what sets us apart from The right wing, the weaklings, and the cowards, they blabber – But when we speak PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION!”

Mayor Joe and Luciana Berger were denounced and the ways they would be punished discussed – this succeeded in enraging the communist mob which began surging forward. They started throwing various missiles including glass bottles which caused big brothers pigs to then ‘kettle’ the static demonstration instead of run down the internationalist agitators. However the leftists had been delayed too long and there were enough officers to establish an exclusion zone that put most of us out of throwing range.

Merseyside’s finest, like most British police are low energy and incapable. The poles remarked that had this been any country in Eastern Europe there would have been 600 arrests of the communists – instead they were free to endanger the lives of our men and police officers. This was especially true when they started ripping up flagstones from the base of the war memorial and throwing scaffolding clips. These were large slabs that made a loud thud when they landed and could be held with both hands – because they were slow they were easy to dodge so luckily none of our people were hit. Much has been made of the young cunt who was stuck with one of these slabs which is claimed to have ‘returned’ from us, I never saw any of our lads throw anything more than water bottles, and when bricks landed they were turned over to the nearest officer.

A brick from the crowd put a policeman in hospital
A brick from the crowd put a policeman in hospital

The police were very much on our side but their protocols that prevented them from discriminating between us and the red mob put us in a dangerous predicament. The police tactics of making a small target for missile fire caused one of their own officers to be hit in the face with a brick thrown by the antifascist protesters. The unorganised police did not have medical personnel on scene and so had to rely on a pro-European protester to leave the demonstration and take care of the injured man until they got their own medics in.

The kettle also caused confusion. At one point there was a false alarm that we were about to be moved so everyone started moving down the steps and a fight with the police broke out when they reacted violently.
Polish entrance

The Polish arrived. Never in my life have I witnessed an entrance like that. We were stood on the steps and saw a black mass from the left hand side running round a corner, they were letting off smoke bombs to cover their advance. I looked at someone and said “That’s the fucking Polish lads” Next thing I know the reds are running at them whilst we was pinned up on the steps. The Poles threw 2 flash bangs and then 2 flares and then just charged at the reds. About 50 Polish steaming into and splitting easily 250 reds like skittles will stick with me forever. It was beautiful.

The poles had brought a couple of trophies, the ‘antifasciste aktion’ flag and a prisoner – he was very shaken and very frightened – not such a tough guy now. They kept him for a while without police knowing and then released him after a while as an act of kindness. We felt very good about ourselves.

18 side of hall
The black clad police ‘heavies’ (aka the ‘Space Marines’) from Manchester arrived and were cheered – though this wouldn’t be for long.
25 refugees not welcome

The effeminate antifascist protesters literally fled away from the flank the Poles broke through and into the centre crowd. This caused a ruckus and the missiles resumed, which were swiftly picked up and returned in kind. We stood on the balcony overlooking the protesters and we mocked and jeered them – around 50 of us got our cameras out and started taking selfies while pieces of fruit rained in. others took out signs saying ‘Rapefugees not welcome’ to remind everyone this was still a protest and nothing had changed.

Communists broke through the right flank of police guarding the steps and poured up the top. The Riot police responded by attempting to surround us, crushing us like sardines. It was at this point the demonstration turned on police and we charged the lines forcing the space marines to fall back. They brought in three dogs to hold the line instead, an ideal weapon to use against a National Socialist knowing our love for animals, none of us would ever hurt a doggo.

At about ten minutes to six, the riot police gave the go ahead for the move.
With Nationalists and police holding one side of St. Georges hall and Communists holding the other there emerged an epic stand off. For hours we chanted, sang songs, and taunted the opposition. Our men in turn started climbing on top of the plinths and jeered at the red mob who were powerless to stop them dancing above their eyes. Defiant chants of “SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL!” united the demonstration.

We were escorted – rocks started to come in but they mostly bounced off the big police shields. The sheer number of officers involved in this was mind boggling, there must have been hundreds we snaked our way to our destination. I thought thank fuck they didn’t have time to prepare. At one point I saw a tied bin bag filled with paper roll over us, I wondered what they were trying to achieve with this, people were laughing.

walk out

As we were about to enter the back of the station we passed the contingents that had been held in other parts of the city mostly consisting of Right Wing Resistance, Misanthropic Division, and more Polish Hooligans – we cheered each other “SIEG HEIL!” there was an immense feeling of elation in the air.

The polish started singing in unison “Zawsze i wszedzie policja jebana bedzie” (everytime and everywhere, fuck police) this went on for a while and when they finished they received an ovation from the rest of the entire demo.

There have been false rumours circulated by Left wing backchatters that the Poles were upset by the ‘Sieg Heil’ salutes and are ‘officially’ no longer supporting ‘us’ in future. These rumours are complete horse shit, two of our guys who were there speak polish and have neither heard nor read any complaints, and hung out with the based poles who were by all accounts complete and total bros who loved every minute of the day. They also gave our boys Combat 18 stickers which we are very grateful for – take a wild guess what the 18 stands for. If the people at Hope Not Hate had done their research they would know that the event graphic released by the poles was “Polish people for British white country”, but then is their cointelpro was any good this demonstration would never have happened.

Polish Hooligans posing with 'evil nazis'
Polish Hooligans posing with ‘evil nazis’

As we were walking along a young female activist of the SDL turned to me laughing, she was showing us an apparent bruise from a missile on her side, the area was black it was bleeding slightly. It actually turned out she had been stabbed by someone from the crowd – police refused her medical treatment for nearly an hour until she was gushing blood, after which she was taken to hospital. Because she will face persecution for revealing her identity she was unable to get any co-operation from the news media.

The police had shut down the rail networks and commandeered a train – we had been here before. The aim was to disperse us by taking us on a ride to Manchester and putting us on different rides.


Those at the back who did not stick with the group were held in the station itself and interviewed three at a time in the holding area, the authorities probably wanting to know what the hell just happened.

Despite being separated and having most of our evening wasted wasted half of NA successfully made it back to the RV point for a post-event social, where we were able to reflect on and toast a successful evening.

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