Mar 17, 2016

The Jesuit Conspiracy Theory

via The Thinking Housewife

The idea that a massive and long-running conspiracy by phantom Jesuits is responsible for what many people refer to as the “New World Order” has gained a lot of currency on the Internet. But is it true? Thomas Fitzpatrick writes, “Much of the popularity of the Jesuit meme is due to dupes, especially in conspiracy circles, who mindlessly accept, without verifying, the Jesuit meme and then replicate it.” In this terrific essay, Fitzpatrick looks closely at foundations of the Jesuit conspiracy meme:

From attributing the creation of Zionism to an excommunicated Jesuit named Franciso Ribera to blaming the rise of Hitler and Nazism on the Church, there is no place the Jesuit memers won’t go. It borders on clownish with absurd claims that the Jesuits sunk the Titanic, created Islam, and assassinated John F. Kennedy. Of course, the grand proof they present of this alleged Jesuit conspiracy is Jewish Adam Weishaupt’s (founder of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati) education under the Jesuits—something these Jesuit memers almost always bring up. Hypocrisy runs deep among these anti-Catholics, as they say in one breath that it is wrong to blame one group of people (especially Jews) and in the next breath they blame all the world’s problems on the Church. These clowns must have low regard for their audience for them to believe their blatant double standard goes unnoticed.

One hand tied behind the back

Before I go on here, I want to point out that this is not to absolve the Catholic Church of clerical abuses and legitimate corruption within it. And, of course, there is the heretical Second Vatican Council that has been foisted upon Catholics, which further maligns the legitimate faith and demonizes (at least in Protestant eyes) Catholics in general. This council is the handcuff that has one hand of the Church behind its back—done so that She would not be able to defend herself against the Judeo-Masonic onslaught going on. With the Church on the ropes, so to speak, the Jesuit meme is a sucker punch. 


Proponents of the Jesuit conspiracy meme

Based on their worldview, the Jesuit conspiracy meme is a convenient scapegoat and tool of self-deception for several groups, including but not limited to:

Jewish groups, Zionists (Jewish and Protestant)
Seventh Day Adventists
New or naïve conspiracy researchers
New Agers
Evangelicals, fundamentalist Protestants, Calvinists
Freemasons, Enlightenment thinkers
Catholic haters

The idea that Jews are running the NWO is rather inconvenient for them and exposes them for what they are. You would be hard pressed to find a Jesuit memer who is the slightest bit anti-Zionist. Many of them also happen to endorse other irregular conspiracy theories, like that of “reptilians” and “death fakers”. Then there are some who pretend to be anti-Zionist but with the appendage that the Vatican is really behind the Zionists. The fact of the matter is, the idea that there exists a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy has been a cultural belief for hundreds of years; whereas the Jesuit conspiracy is the counter-culture belief, in other words, the revolutionary belief. Furthermore, the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory has a huge amount of evidence behind it while the Jesuit theory has next to none. Jesuit theorists count on memetic replication, because if one actually checks their claims against recorded history, they theorists will be revealed as frauds. Read more here.

Here’s a comment from Fitzpatrick’s site, Fitzpatrick Informer:

As you say the Jesuit meme serves several purposes: Firstly it’s a form of mealy-mouthed anti-Catholic propaganda. Those promoting it know that if they went around spouting constantly about the evils of the Catholic Church they’d come across as religious bigots and thereby get Catholics’ (and some non-Catholics’) backs up. So instead they spout disinfo about the Jesuits as a sort of remote control anti-Catholicism. Secondly, it’s a way of harnessing the power of the conspiracy movement against itself, in a sort of Judo manoeuvre. Unfortunately some in the anti-globalist conspiracy movement buy into a simplistic and nihilistic Punk rock version of history whereby “the establishment” are always the baddies. Such folk are low-hanging fruit for the anti-Jesuit disinfo agenda because they’re programmed to unthinkingly believe all western institutions of authority are by definition corrupt – most especially the Church. But the Catholic believer in conspiracy should reject this Pavlovian rebel rocker approach – and espouse counter-revolution and restoration – as opposed to revolution and destruction. The anti-Jesuit disinfo agents are fulfilling a Full Spectrum dominance agenda, whereby all sides – the Zio-Masonic mainstream media corrupt political establishment AND those supposedly opposing this cabal – disseminate the same anti-Catholic propaganda. As I’ve commented on this site before, it’s a tried and tested Cointelpro technique in Ireland – whereby the Sheeple are programmed to believe in the alleged power of “Catholic Secret Societies” such as Opus Dei and the Knights of Columbanus (the Jesuit meme doesn’t work as well in a formerly Catholic country like Ireland, where many folk – especially older people – would have encountered the Jesuits through churches and schools, and would therefore know the Order is the very opposite of a secret conspiracy. On the other hand most Irish people would know next to nothing about Opus Dei or the Knights and so would be prepared to believe any Masonic Disinfo they’re fed about these organisations).

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