Mar 22, 2016

Viktor Orban Attacks the EU's "Fanatical Internationalism"

via Alternative Right

What exactly is Alt-Rightism? The simplest answer is "common sense and reality recognition ahead of other people." In times of slow change the time gap may be rather wide, but, in more chaotic and fast-changing times, that gap rapidly narrows, as demonstrated by the sharp learning curve that people like Viktor Orban are on.

A couple of years ago, he was arresting Richard Spencer in Budapest and last year he was allowing hordes of migrants to pass through his country on their way North, an act for which he should be eternally blamed. But, with Hungary in the front-line of the migrant crisis and with the EU constantly trying to stab him in the back, he has developed an almost Alt-Right consciousness about the situation in Europe, as revealed by this speech given on the 15th of March to mark the 168th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

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