Mar 21, 2016

We’re Here. We’re not Queer. Get Used to It

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Earlier this month, Todd Lewis attacked our project from the anti-White/pro-Christian direction, insisting that Christianity is integrally anti-White. We receive attacks, insults, and even the occasional excommunication from anti-Whites under the delusion that God himself commands White Genocide. Yesterday, the latest incoming landed in my mentions from Greg Johnson, who insists that Christianity is anti-homosexual and therefore an impediment to White Advocate solidarity.
We get it from all sides.

The anti-White Christians are sure that we’re pagan racial supremacists in sheep’s clothing. The anti-Christian nationalists are sure that we’re itching to go on a new crusade against all the heretics. That’s life on the third rail, and we accept it. But it’s imperative that we respond in these sorts of circumstances, as silence is often mistaken for an implicit admission of guilt.
Unfortunately, the Left is not the only source of gay panics in our ranks. The most recent examples are self-inflicted.
For instance, after the Halloween 2015 National Policy Institute conference, the Two Matts, Parrott and Heimbach, made up the story that Heimbach was disinvited from NPI because a “gay mafia” disapproved of his Old Testament opinions on homosexuality.
Greg Johnson knows this to be false, yet he repeats it. In private conversation with Scott Terry, Heimbach referred to the elitist clique which runs NPI and thinks it runs White Nationalism “faggots.” There was a misunderstanding, and Scott remarked about it on his blog, without our foreknowledge or suggestion. Imagine a Venn Diagram, with “faggot” and “homosexual” circles. While there are indeed a good share of both open and closeted homosexuals in our movement who happen to be both homosexuals and faggots, a good share of these anti-Christian bourgeoisie poseurs with an elitist classist pose are presumably straight.

And there are certainly a few gentlemen who come to mind who happen to be homosexuals but don’t happen to be faggots, namely a man whose name I won’t name on account of his always finding himself in the middle of childish feuding he has no part in instigating or fueling. The most critical and most frequently overlooked way that one can be anti-homosexual is to stop playing along with the liberal myth that it’s a coherent identity. It’s a habit, not an identity. One’s a homosexual the way one’s a smoker or a gambler. It’s not like being Italian or Mennonite or whatever.

Following that logic, I don’t bring up what I consider someone’s bad habits unless they make it an issue. Even if they’ve made it an issue in the past, if they’re not promoting the habit, I stay in my lane. As much as I may ideologically oppose libertarianism and promote communal morality, a solid streak of Appalachian disinterest in litigating others’ private business remains. There are numerous people who happen to be homosexuals who want no part in this feud, and I’m not going to drag them into it.

Even if one accepts the notion that I insidiously schemed to press the Gay Panic button on Richard Spencer, history confirms that the first victim of Gay Panic was actually Matthew Heimbach himself. A few years ago, Pastor Tom Robb, the leader of one of the larger klan groups, started a rumor campaign against Heimbach “because” he chose to attend American Renaissance despite [redacted] also attending. Heimbach attended despite this asinine smear campaign, and both got along just fine. After that smear failed to work, Pastor Robb later managed to achieve some success, compelling Stormfront to ban us from future Stormfront Retreats on account of our “anti-Americanism.”

Any stick will do.

Few of the accusations flying in any direction, including those from Greg Johnson, have any substance whatsoever. This is a middle school food fight and the pastries actually being launched are of little consequence. There’s a limited amount of financing, a limited amount of active supporters, and there’s a perpetual zero-sum competition for a relatively small pie. Pastor Robb lost some quality talent and support to our project and has been striking back ever since.

One thing to bear in mind is that just about all of the nationalists attacking us are full-time activists who rely primarily on fundraising. While aggressive fundraising is great, and being able to do this stuff full-time seems fine at first glance, our project is a threat to their livelihoods. If one were to ask me before this all broke out, “Who are the most aggressive fundraisers in our entire cause?” the list of people would have pretty much been the list of people trying to pick feuds with us at the moment.

While I’ve left the Mormon Church a long time ago, I learned some administrative lessons while there. One thing the rather successful LDS institution does is generally avoid full-time employees. Almost everybody’s a volunteer or has some other form of support. While we are working to fundraise more, and do look forward to eventually paying writers and reimbursing people more liberally for their expenses and investments, we all have day jobs. Not a single penny we raise goes to any of us at the moment.

There are movement folks who rely on donations to meet their expenses who maintain a constructive “bake more pie” attitude to the fight over the fixed amount of financial support. But a cursory survey of our cause confirms that perhaps more projects should consider restructuring to minimize this circular firing squad behavior.
Their motive was narcissistic rage, and their aim was simply to harm NPI by starting a gay panic, a troll so divisive that it was eagerly promoted by the Southern Poverty Law Center which shares the same destructive agenda.
While the realpolitik of petty factionalism is the primary factor here, the gay thing deserves some clarification.

It gets even more ironic than the fact that Heimbach himself was the first target of Gay Panic. Richard Spencer pressed the button on himself with his article insinuating that NPI had overcome its homophobia and embraced a more “diverse and tolerant” position on social issues. By the time the SPLC got around to quoting Scott Terry’s blog post, there were literally years of “smelly hamster cage” nonsense going on about homosexuality and NPI-affiliated projects, much of it entirely self-inflicted. The SPLC has been reporting on this mess since well before Halloween, disproving Greg’s conspiracy theory that I personally concocted it.
Naturally, there followed a great deal of squeaking and spinning in the smelly hamster cages of the internet movement, which generated a great deal of distrust and ill-will but did nothing to stop or slow down our race’s programmed march to extinction.
One thing that’s surely doing nothing to stop or slow down our race’s programmed march to extinction is the ongoing religious squabbling between the “pagans” and the Christians. The scare quotes around “pagans” are necessary, in my opinion, as many actual pagans have nothing to do with this mess.

One reason (certainly not the only reason) that Greg’s anti-Christian is he harbors the notion popular in the gay community that Christianity is what caused homosexuality to be taboo in the first place. The pink swastika folks take it one step further, ultimately insisting that we’d all be cool with gay stuff if it hadn’t been for Jewish/Semitic influence on the foam party which was supposedly the pre-Christian West.

Of course, precivilized Western folks who indulged in sodomy were, with a handful of pederast exceptions, more likely to find themselves drowned in a bog than hooking up on Prehistoric Grindr. Homosexuality is universally taboo because it’s dangerous, dysfunctional, and degenerate. It’s not a healthy part of a balanced civilization. Homosexuality’s like shingles, always lingering in the background but only flaring up into a real problem when a civilization’s somehow weakened or decrepit.

The Christian position on homosexuality is commensurate with just about every comparable religious tradition, including the indigenously Western ones. My position is pretty much identical to Greg’s stated position, which is that we should be an explicitly pro-family, pro-heterosexual movement while thoughtfully muddling through and patiently coping with all of the dangerous, dysfunctional, and degenerate habits that each of us all bring with us from this broken society. I’m a Traditionalist, not Fundamentalist. And part of the difference between one and the other is that I have no illusions about completely perfecting either myself or my society.

Neither Heimbach nor myself are the crusading madmen eager to attack homosexuals that Greg, Richard, and others are trying to make us out to be. Pastor Robb was closer to the truth of the matter with his original charge that we’re willing to work with just about anybody who is willing to work with us on promoting our tribalist and/or traditionalist agendas. I try to be pagan-friendly, and I shall remain so because there are indeed some folkish people for whom paganism isn’t a synonym for anti-Christian reactionary modernism.

With Greg and most of the others, you’re infinitely more likely to hear a diatribe against Christianity  than you’re likely to hear any talk of runes, folklore, or quotations from The Havamal. It’s a posture, and if I were an actual folkish traditionalist, I would find it tiresome that my tradition is being misappropriated by these people. Christianity has very little to do with this feud, and Greg Johnson is smart enough to know that. After all, Sinead herself is at least as passionate in her attacks on Christianity as she is in her attacks on homosexuals.

Greg would have you believe that there are only two options for dealing with this “Gay Panic” problem.
Gay panics weaken the movement, so how can we armor ourselves against them? There are basically only two options: (1) get rid of all homosexuals or (2) stop caring about them.

We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it!

He expects you to fall for this false dichotomy, then insists that you must go with the second option because the first option is unworkable. I agree that it’s impossible to get rid of all the homosexuals. Furthermore, I believe nationalism and reactionary sentiment are surging within the gay community as a natural and predictable backlash against both the mainstreaming of homosexuality and against the minorities overwhelming the community.

While most nationalist homosexuals are surely sincere in their political convictions, the pink swastika serves a valuable function in subcultural gentrification. If you wish to keep your homosexual circle White and exclusive, nailing a swastika to the door is the best way to get the job done. Without it, the wealthy, sophisticated, and cultured homosexuals have no way to distance themselves from the growing mass of unsophisticated, uncultured, and non-White homosexuals. A similar phenomenon will eventually catch on among straight people within the next decade or so, but gays have a way of being at the vanguard of trends.

As much as I love it when anybody becomes pro-White, we as a movement can’t simply stop caring about gays or start ignoring them. They are arriving in real numbers with a relatively defined agenda. They are arriving with a tremendous amount of money relative to our cash-starved cause. They are arriving with a tremendous amount of talent. Homosexuals are a vibrant and creative bunch. I’ll give them that. But what I won’t give them is carte blanche to attack and isolate the Christians, the traditionalists, and the women in our ranks.

If there is to be a “gay panic,” it should be less about fearing literal grooming and buggery than about their political agenda. While Greg’s record on women’s issues is indeed unimpeachable, the pink swastika clique as a whole is impatient with women in general and traditional femininity in particular. While Counter-Currents sells books and publishes articles from within the New Right and Radical Traditionalist philosophical milieu, they’re generally antagonistic toward traditionalism and most traditions–aside from the esoteric and initiatic optics, of course.

The clique favors an elitist and secretive approach which reacts to populism and working class outreach and aesthetics like a vampire to garlic. The clique, most importantly and obviously, is strongly anti-Christian. If we take Greg’s advice and merely ignore them, then they’ll remain unchecked in their promotion of that agenda. Even if one’s not the least bit homophobic (I don’t happen to be), even if one doesn’t believe it’s a major Christian sin (I do), there’s a very good case for being mindful of their presence and alert to ensure that they contribute useful work rather than religious feuding and destructive entryism.

The re-emergence of nationalist sentiment in the West isn’t bubbling up when and where we all expected it. It’s almost exclusively, as James O’Meara would perhaps suggest, occurring from the left-handed side of things. The gay subculture, the vulgar and porn-infested imageboards, the darknet, and such are not only coming around to nationalism, but traditionalism and traditional Christianity, as well. Striking that right balance where we welcome newcomers while also being mindful of their baggage and motives will be a defining challenge for the pro-White cause.

Merely turning a blind eye to this phenomenon is not an option.

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