Mar 8, 2016

What the Shkreli Phenomenon Tells Us about Black Hatred of Whites

via The Right Stuff

Martin Shkreli -- worth the hate?
Just look at dat smug cracka, he gettin rich off the dying and sickness of poor black folk! And he ain’t even earned it! He just a skinny ass, weak little white boy who just raised the price of a drug so he can be rich fo eva and not have to wurk!

The hate that black people have for Martin Shkreli is driven by envy, but more importantly, the hate black people have for whiteness is driven by envy.

We are more physically attractive, smart, eloquent, and financially successful than them, and we get the white women too.

Shkreli is such an easy target.

He exemplifies all these positive white traits. He is a member of “da wun %”, he is portrayed as selfish and exploitative of the poor, and worst of all, he is targeting AIDS patients.

He is the White Devil that lives in their brains.

When I saw Shkreli’s interview on the hip hop radio show known as the Breakfast Club, I instantly realized the envy and respect the black radio hosts had for him. They hate Shkreli, but not in the way their public comments and hyperbole would suggest. If it was legitimate hatred and disgust rather than envious hatred, Shkreli wouldn’t have been allowed onto the show to begin with. A David Duke or a Darren Wilson would have never been invited because they are not enviable, they are merely just mortal enemies of blackness.

So Shkreli goes into the Breakfast Club studio and goes to shake Charlemagne’s hand, (for anyone who doesn’t know, Charlemagne is one of the moderately high IQ dindu hosts), and Charlemagne tellingly says; “nah, I won’t shake your hand, at least not until after I get to know you and see what you’re all about.”

That right there said it all.

I’ve seen this before when Peter Schiff went down to an Occupy Wall-street protest with a sign saying “I’m the 1%, talk to me” and was met with initial, obviously conditioned, negative responses and outcries, only to eventually be met by a young black who basically said; “You are too rich and hoarding wealth, but I’m an entrepreneur, can you fund me and be my mentor? Can I get your email?”

The same thing happened with Charlemagne and happens to most blacks when they are removed from the programming of the anti-white media and are confronted by a successful, intellectually superior white: They warm up to us and then they bow to us.

They always do this when they aren’t fuming with anger. I’ve worked with a number of dindu artists and can attest to this fact: They understand our superiority and they like when we give them clear, simple advice and leadership.

By the end of the radio show, the female black radio host was clearly showing a secret attraction to Shkreli, and Charlemagne was basically high-fiving him, laughing at his jokes, and patting him on the back, while still attempting to maintain some level of media composure by saying, “You kinda douchey, but I like that you came from nothin man.”

Shkreli gets more likeable by the day and if you haven’t seen his livestreams where he shuts down wild dindus, liberal cat ladies, and niggerized white chicks, you gotta check it out.

Shkreli shows us that blacks hate whites out of envy. That envy is created by a system that forces them to compete with whites, leading to an obvious cultural and social friction between the two groups, manifesting itself in the massive inferiority complex modern niggers have for whites. Succeed in your life, be honest and direct with your cultural mentality, and you will find that blacks follow whites like diamond and silk follow Donald J. Trump.

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