Mar 23, 2016

Why the "Left" Hates Trump

via The Audacious Epigone

They've always preferred ¡Jabe!
Why is Trump getting so deeply under the left's skin while True Conservative Republicans like Cruz and Kasich barely register?

The answer is complex, but allow me to take a stab at the heart of it.

Kasich and Cruz, like the rest of Conservative, Inc are propositionalists. They believe that with the correct incentives in place, the correct laws enforced, and the best military on the planet, America prospers. America doesn't need to become great again because it has always been and always will be great.

We have magic dirt. As long as they're in awe of its power, we want as many people as possible to be able to hold that dirt in their hands and let its powers flow through them. We'll even bring the dirt to those who don't have it. Not the fake dirt that Obama and Hillary brought to Libya (and that Dubya accidentally packed on his trips to Iraq and Afghanistan), mind you. No, no, this time we will bring them the real stuff!
The US is great because we're a nation of immigrants who love freedom and democracy.

The left isn't threatened by this nonsense. They know time is on their side, and while they still have to battle it out with the Cruzes and Kasichs of the world for electoral power now, with each passing day the ground shifts in their favor. This Conservative, Inc propositionalism has an expiration date.

Trump--even though he checks off fewer of the Conservative, Inc. boxes that the left allegedly hates (boo IRS, reform Medicare, etc) than other Republican candidates do--understands at least subconsciously that it's not the dirt that matters, it's the people standing on that dirt that do.

"Make America Great Again" doesn't take American exceptionalism as a given. To the contrary, we have to kick out the scofflaws from Mexico and the Middle East who are here and make sure those who are allowed to come stand on our dirt in the future are worth having around. He talks about how "walls work (ask Israel)", "good genes", "great people", how "Merkel has destroyed Germany", how "Paris doesn't look like Paris anymore". He even employs a metaphor about poisonous snakes left out in the cold to describe the Syrian et al invaders refugees:

He parades his numerous, well-bred progeny around every chance he gets. It's the people, and the genetic makeup of those people, that make the country what it is. 

The US is great because we're comprised of northwestern Europeans (and a manageable minority of mulattoes) inhabiting an expansive, resource-rich plot of land with no serious neighborly competitors and a vast ocean that has insulated us from the civil wars that crippled the rest of the Western world. The dirt is just decoration. 
The left correctly views this as a mortal threat to its objectives.

In short, Kasich, Cruz, and all the other Conservative, Inc marionettes who campaign on masturbatory values are merely trying to turn the radio station to music the left doesn't like as the car heads towards the left's promised land.

Trump, in contrast, notices that someone else has wormed his way into the driver's seat. He's going to throw that guy out onto the highway and get the old chauffeur out of the trunk so he can get back in driver's seat and turn the car around.

If the left wants to pick the radio station through the next commercial break to seal the deal, fine.

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