Mar 23, 2016

Winter Camp – A Great Success!

via Western Spring

The fourth and arguably the most successful Legion MAC Camp event, in association with Western Spring, took place last weekend, starting on the evening of Friday18th March and running through to the afternoon of Sunday 20th.
The 2-3 day residential camp took place at a surprisingly sunny Midlands location, and almost forty young and not-so-young physically active nationalists took part in a variety of activities designed to promote good health, physical fitness and personal advancement, as well as the self-defence capability of the participants.

As always, the participants found the activities challenging but enjoyable and in some cases exhilarating. One participant, Francis Soulie a young Canadian now living in Britain, and returning after attending an earlier camp, made a speech on the Saturday morning extolling the value of that earlier event, which he claimed had a life-changing impact upon him. A transcript of that speech follows:
“Hello everyone.

“So I’d just like to say a few words about me experience of this camp and how important it was for my own personal development and how important it can be for you.

“Now, my first experience here was a real eye-opener and my only regret was that I didn’t experience it earlier.

“So, I was in Merther Tidville for the first time, this was in Wales a few summers back and we were camping in the Brecon Beacon district, and Matt had brought over a special guest instructor form Russia. He was a professional MMA fighter and all round thug! He was so strong and fearless that they called him the Czar.
“Now apart from his strength and courage, what really struck me was his honesty, he wasn’t stingy with the compliments, he would tell you if you were doing something right, but the same time, if you did something wrong, he would come down hard on you.

“Now in order to accept this and truly benefit from an experience like this, your ego has to take a back seat, and in place of your ego you have to put something else, the concept of absolute truth. This is truth with a capital ‘T’, not just perspective, not just opinion, what IS!

“You have to accept that you may never get to know it, you may never reach the ideal, but it doesn’t mean you should stop striving for it and to keep encouraging your friends to do the same.

“The thing about truth is that it should never be jealously guarded. Some people grow to call this concept ‘God’, and others have a different relationship, but either way, if you embrace it you’ll become more focused, and results orientated.

“So I was about to get an experience that I’d never forget, the Czar rounded us up and he led us to an open field, and he divided us up into two teams, sending us to the opposite ends of the field.

“Now, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on at this point, but when he told us to put in our mouth guards and started handing out boxing gloves, I started getting an idea.

“He said that when he blew the whistle, we were going to fight until there was one man left standing.

“Now, I’ve been in one or two scrapes before, but nothing like this. Immediately I felt the fear — I started doubting – I thought that I don’t belong here. Part of me wanted to get out. But I started thinking about my Grandfather, and what he went through in World War Two. He wasn’t facing fists in his battles, he was facing fifty-calibre bullets, he was facing bombs, he was facing the Luftwaffe, but he fought anyway and he did it all with a glad heart.

“He did this for me, he did it for you. Your grandfathers did the same, regardless of where you came from today. And I thought if he could do that for me, I could at least stay and see what happens.

“Now, when you’re in a situation like this, you often hear people say, try to block fear out, try to pretend you’re not really there, pretend you’re not afraid, but don’t do this. You mustn’t ignore fear, fear is there to keep you alive. What you have to do is to recognise it as a signal rather than a master.

“You should feel the tightness in your guts, feel your mouth go dry, feel the blood drain away from your face, feel the adrenalin pump up your heart whatever it is, embrace it. Feel its texture, then it will become familiar and it will become a signal rather than a barrier.

“Now it’s true what they say, heroes and cowards do feel the same thing, but it’s what they choose to do that matters. So, I took a deep breath, the whistle blew, I charged forward and I started swinging.

“I landed some heavy hits, I took some heavy hits. I was fighting this guy when all of a sudden a huge fist swung out and just took him out. He was knocked into the bushes and just disappeared. This was someone from my team that had done this. We both looked at each other, we nodded and we got back to the fight.

“Now, the numbers were in our favour, and the only thing to do was to gang-up on someone else from the other team. Now, I felt bad about this, because I was just talking to them all a moment before, we got along well, and now I was about to attack them – I was about to hit a friend. So I hesitated before I landed my first punch. Soon after that the whistle blew and that part of the fight was over, and the Czar asked me why I hesitated. He said, why would I hesitate when there’s people on my team fighting and dying for me?

“And I didn’t have an answer other than I lost focus, and I let my emotions get the better of me. This highlights something important for me: the importance of being in control of emotions. To be able to turn on or off your aggression like a light switch. But the object here, you must remember, is not to become an emotionally dead sociopath, it’s simply to be in control.

“Don’t harden your hearts. Be capable of great violence, but also be capable of great mercy, even gentleness and lean towards the latter if you can. It’s always better to convince than to force. Force is a last resort.

“So, I took this on-board, and the next fight I got into, I got stuck in right as soon as the odds changed, and after that as I was nursing a hell of a head-ache, I thought, what was the lesson here? Why were we fighting each other? Why were we putting each other through this?

“I started thinking and then I realised, if you can fight a friend, you can fight an enemy, and if you can hit a friend, you can hit an enemy harder!

“By fighting one-another as friends, you suffer together, you go through pain together – mentally, physically, emotionally – and you find that at this point, you cease to be friends and you become comrades. Camaraderie is beyond class, it’s beyond ideology – you’ll be comrades to the end!”
Which Way 3Francis is a fine looking young man, strong, alert and intelligent and he delivered his speech to a packed room of similarly fine young men, who listened in silence and then erupted in cheers as he finished. To a man, he had expressed in words the sentiments that we all felt.

Legion MAC is more than just a martial arts club, it is a lifestyle club and self-improvement club and during each event the participants swear public oaths declaring the goals they have and what they aim to achieve before the next camp.

The next camp will take place in August this year, it will be our third Summer Camp and promises to be the best ever as we have lined up a number of celebrity guests who will be attending to help us train and to give those attending the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

We plan to host one-hundred participants and to make this the largest event of its kind ever staged in the British Isles, and if our previous events have been ‘life-changing’, the forthcoming Summer Camp will be an epoch marking event that will be talked about for years to come and which future generations will possibly look back upon as the point in time at which we began to turn the tide, heralding the eventual salvation of our people.

Congratulations to Matt in particular for his organisation of the event and to the others who took part, particularly our martial arts instructors; Jimmy; Peter; and Shaun.

Anyone wishing to register early should submit their details via the Legion MAC website:

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