Mar 4, 2016

With Every Day that Passes Trump Is Being Proved Increasingly Right

via BNP News

He could well be America’s last hope before the damage is irreversible and it ceases to be a first world country at all.

I hope that his success will encourage the European right to stop being de facto cultural Marxist socialists.

The liberal mindset. If you vote left wing you are clever and therefore allowed a voice. Vote right wing and you are a moron.

Well, what about Obama? Generally regarded in the US as one of the worst presidents they have ever had. A college lecturer of middling talent but the right skin colour to play the race card well.

He tapped into a need of the left to appear to be non racist. The fact he was and is not good enough isn’t a consideration in the liberal mindset.

The problem isn’t Trump – despite his barbed and targeted remarks – is a highly successful businessman. Not just by playing the stock market but by actually making things.

That takes brains regardless of the sound bites. But, as long as he offends the misplaced sensibilities of the left wing he has an awful man and anyone who votes for him is a moron.

Donald Trump is hated by the Establishment because he’s a successful businessman unlike the political class who have never done a day’s work in their lives, and have about as much experience in the real world as a herd of lambs.

When politicians elected by the people on both sides of the Atlantic continually ignore the wishes of the people is it any wonder the people look for alternative representation to those who are saying what millions of us are thinking.

Democracy proves that the aggressive angry PC media is controlled by a minority group that’s only interested in their own world view.

That has stopped reporting the news and has been and is using the media as propaganda.

It’s the arrogance of the liberal elite who think they can disenfranchise all those who disagree with them by abusing them and calling them names.

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