Mar 7, 2016

You Hate Big Government? Why Do You Vote Like You Do?

via Angry White Dude

You’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore, you say? You hate the Republican Establishment, you say? It’s time for them all to go, you say? So why did you vote for your sitting Congressman again? You know, the one that does exactly as he’s told by the Establishment? The one who never really does anything year after year? You know, the one who sucks? Yeah, him. Oh, and by the way, Republican voter of the status quo, you suck too!

One common thread runs throughout the country in 2016. America is pissed and wants change in Washington! Conservatives want either a billionaire knife-fighting businessman with zero political experience or a tried and true conservative Senator from Texas to right the rapidly sinking ship of state. Democrats want a tortured ex-hippie buffoon socialist or a tortured ex-hippie criminal buffoon socialist to replace a buffoon socialist…fill in the blanks yourself. Stupid Republican Voters (SRV’s) want whatever BS loser the Establishment feeds them.

Super Tuesday has gone the way of the Michael Moore here in Texas and what AWD knew would happen has happened. With all the anger and gnashing of teeth about changing Washington and teaching the Establishment a lesson, Republican voters here re-elected EVERY SINGLE SITTING CONGRESSMAN! No challenger came close! It’s as predictable as leftist celebrities saying they’ll leave the country if Trump is elected when everyone knows they won’t.

AWD hears from his congressman every two years. A few weeks before the primary vote, I am assaulted by mailers from him. He blankets conservative talk radio with ads filled with half-truths or outright lies. My two personal favorites this year were “he put a stop to Obama’s gun grab!” and “He heard illegal aliens were receiving welfare and put a stop to it!” Oh, he did? Really? Well, no. Not really.

My congressman is in his 80’s and has been in Congress since the 80’s. I’m sure he will be in Congress until he is 160 if he can figure out a way to make it that far. He votes the way the Establishment wants him to vote. He doesn’t stick his neck out or get anything done. He’s a pawn to GOP leadership. Bought and paid for. And he will stay in Congress until they carry him out at room temperature.

And the same goes for every single North Texas congressmen. They make no waves. They play their parts and lie about all the great things they’ve accomplished for Texans. But we know they would rather eat their spleen on MSNBC than ever step down from office and allow someone with guts and new ideas to have a chance. They are worthless.

Pete Sessions got over 60% of the vote in his Texas district and he has lived in Orlando for years!

I haven’t paid attention nationally to see if any other sitting Congressmen lost their primary races. My guess is you could count them on zero fingers. Congressmen are reelected at a rate of 99%. They have set up the rules to protect themselves. Because there is only one thing every politician cares about. Reelection. And everyone who is elected into Congress knows they are now riding on the lifetime gravy train.

So if you hate what Washington has done to America but you voted for your RINO Congressman for another two year term to continue our destruction, well, you suck. No offense, I’m sure you’re a nice person and all. But you suck. You are an accomplice to the murder of America. And you’re part of the problem.

There are just a handful of Congressmen worthy of our continuing votes. The rest should be run out of town on rails or worse. The Founders never intended lifetime career politicians. Unending, absolute power makes men corrupt. And corruption destroys liberty as well as republics.

So the more things change, the more nothing changes. Meet the new Congress, same as the old Congress.

You SRV’s can now go back to Dancing With The Stars. You’ve done your damage.

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