Apr 7, 2016

2016 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee: Peter Rushton

via Western Spring

I am pleased to announce the very popular Peter Rushton, the Assistant Editor of Heritage & Destiny magazine, as the sixth nominee this year for the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize. Peter has been nominated for a speech he made on 31th October 2015, at the 10th Anniversary John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston.

A feature of Peter’s speaking style is his clear diction, his effective use of emphasis and modulation of tone, and the emotion that he is often able to infuse into his orations. Peter is a very experienced, popular and prolific speaker and has on many occasions demonstrated the ability to speak competently and effectively, not only in closed meetings, but also in open air demonstrations against the backdrop of howling Antifa mobs heckling and hurling abuse.

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