Apr 21, 2016

A Militant Manifesto for Taking Back Our Ethnic Homelands, Part 2

via National Action

Part 1

‘If European societies were to model themselves on the ideal dear to the humanitarians, if they should go as far as to inhibit selection, to favour systematically the weak, the vicious, the idle, the ill-adapted – the ‘small and humble’ as they are termed by our philanthropists – at the expense of the strong, the energetic who constitute the elite, then a new conquest by new ‘barbarians’ would by no means be impossible’.
– Vilfredo Pareto, Les Systemes Socialistes (1902)
So having diagnosed the condition, what is the cure? Do we wheel the patient off to the hospice and ease his pain with morphine? Or raise the scalpel to excise the tumor that rots him? There are precedents for both, but neither option has delivered the desired outcome to date. And therein lies the dilemma, can the patient survive the operation?

One thing is however certain, without some form of intervention the organism will die.

For the democratic notions of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, the motto of the French Republic, and indeed that exemplar of civic conduct par excellence, the Republic of Haiti, are a Jacobin mirage. We, just like Dorothy, the orphan girl from Kansas and her faithful dog Toto in L. Frank Baum’s classic children’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) are being led down the Yellow Brick Road to an illusory nirvana, an Emerald City of multicultural delights where we will all live in a Shangri la of eternal harmony. But behind today’s edicts to prevent racial discrimination and religious intolerance and all the commissions and the statutory bodies that enforce such laws across the whole developed world hide the same zealots that sat on The French Revolution’s Committee for Public Safety and the Committee of General Security. And lurking further back in the darkest shadows, their puppet masters, illusionists just like The Great Oz, safe in their lodges and secret fraternities. Those that support, for their own purposes, the illegitimate heirs of the vindictive autarchy of Maximilien Robespierre (1758- 1794) and his sans-culottes. They being the true instigators of the Reign of Terror in Paris, which witnessed groups of Carmelite Nuns from Compiegne going to the guillotine singing the hymn Veni Creator Spiritus; the mass drownings of thousands upon thousands in Nantes, colloquially known as republican baptisms; and the genocide of 200,000 civilians by the colonnes infernales led by the infamous revolutionary general Louis Marie Turreau (1756-1816) in the Vendee.

So, please do not labour under any misapprehension. The values of Liberal Democracy will shape our very own future as did Turreau’s murderous campaign, spreading south of the Loire to the Layon river and incorporating Maine-et-Loire, Thouars, Saumur, Chatillon and Vihiers.The Vendee operations being of such an intense and malign character that the historian and President of the Saint-Simon Foundation, Francois Furet (1927-1997) said, it, ‘not only revealed massacre and destruction on an unprecedented scale but also a zeal so violent that it has bestowed as its legacy much of the region’s identity…The war aptly epitomizes the depth of the conflict…between religious tradition and the revolutionary foundation of democracy’

And today we supposedly live in the democratic age. An epoch to which such wars of annihilation gave birth. A political system built upon the bones of people like the rosary draped Vendeans, who, inspired by the spirituality of Saint Louis de Montfort, donned the Sacre Couer, a symbol for God and King, only to be hunted down to the last man in the woods and marshes of Savenay by their fellow citizens. As per the boast of Republican General Joseph Westermann, nick-named the butcher, to the Convention in Paris, ‘There is no Vendee. It has perished with its women and children, under our sword of freedom. Following your orders I have crushed the children under our horses’ hooves, and massacred the women – They will bear no more children for the brigands. I have not taken a single prisoner’. . . . Read more

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