Apr 4, 2016

A Super-Majority of Americans Believe Non-White Immigration Is Destroying the Country

via White GeNOcide Project

A new survey by A.T. Kearney, a management consulting firm, says that 61% of Americans believe “continued immigration into the country jeopardizes the United States.

65% of the baby boomer generation agreed with the statement, and 55% of millennials agreed.

Despite this, the Obama regime, as well most presidential candidates, refuse to accept the average American viewpoint and instead enforce their elitist open borders agenda.

The common man and woman must turn to alternative parties and candidates if they want their views to be heard, which would explain the victories of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Because of this agenda being carried out for several decades now, America has 61 million legal immigrants including nearly 16 million illegal ones.

White people have been pushed down to about 60% of the population, and the younger generation is minority White.

This all started with the 1965 immigration act, which according to Ted Kennedy, “will not flood our cities with immigrants” or “will not upset the ethnic mix of our society.
It was a lie. You see, the elites want to “globalize” or “diversify” America, and so do the elites of other formerly White countries.

A minority White America is their goal. But the thing is, their “diversity” agenda is actually a code word for White genocide.

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