Apr 5, 2016

ADL Fearful Trump Is Mainstreaming “Hate” & “Racism”

via The Realist Report

The Anti-Defamation League is once again injecting itself into Donald Trump’s campaign for president, demanding that the Republican front-runner stop using “xenophobic” and “racist” language, and “to decisively distance himself and his campaign from white supremacist and other radical supporters,” according to a recent article published by The Times of Israel.

In an interview with the popular Israeli daily, Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO and national director of the ADL, revealed why the organized Jewish community cannot stand the maverick American populist: his campaign is allowing formerly marginalized and demonized points of view, such as deporting illegal aliens, building a wall on the southern border, and placing a moratorium on Middle Eastern “refugees,” to become mainstream, entirely legitimate ideas and proposals. Donald Trump has fundamentally transformed the political discourse in America, which the organized Jewish community has maintained a stranglehold over, in a profound manner.

Trump’s candidacy has also generated tremendous interest in the White nationalist community, something the ADL also fears.

In an interview with The Times of Israel, the ADL’s CEO and national director Jonathan Greenblatt charged that Trump is “pushing buttons that have been pushed before” and that “the outcome is a mainstreaming of bias and this kind of wink and nod toward a xenophobic, Islamophobic kind of racism.”
It was “deeply troubling,” Greenblatt elaborated, “that a candidate would be introducing these things into the political conversation, to the national debate: Suggesting that all the people coming, let’s say from a particular country, are rapists or murderers. Or suggesting that we would check people at our gates simply on the basis of what they believe. Or that certain endorsements of certain people, or support from certain people or groups, would be the kind of things that would merit further exploration rather than outright objection. These are very worrying ideas. And they have a scent that rings familiar, a sound that rings familiar to many of us. We as Jews know what it means when they say that people coming from another country are all a problem. We know what it means (when they say) we have to check you at the door on the basis of what you believe.” […]
“I don’t know what’s in his head or in his heart,” said Greenblatt of Trump. “But I do know that he’s certainly pushing buttons that have been pushed before — whether he’s doing it with deliberate intention, or kind of slouching toward those things. Either way, the outcome is the same.”
Among those outcomes, said Greenblatt, was the sight of “white supremacists coming out of the cracks in ways that are really quite frightening.” He said the ADL was monitoring the phenomenon and could “see an uptick in the (extremist) rhetoric, and again, a mainstreaming of really nasty, noxious ideas.” And some of these extremists, he said, are emphatically hostile to Jews.
He showed The Times of Israel his Twitter feed and a list of people he had blocked because of their extremist sentiments, with names including White Resister and National Socialist. “It just goes on and it goes on and it goes on. It’s scary. These people — it’s not that they weren’t there before, but I am certainly seeing, and the ADL is seeing, a surge in these kinds of posts that we hadn’t seen before. And it helps when Donald Trump is re-tweeting your stuff, which we saw happening.”
These people are incredible. They are quickly losing control of the narrative and political discourse in this country, and they don’t like it. Through political correctness and the weaponization of our political language, the Jewish controlled mass media has been able to discredit entirely legitimate political perspectives and public policy proposals. Trump has changed that simply by pledging to enforce American immigration law and deal rationally with our immigration crisis. There is nothing “racist” or “xenophobic” about Trump’s stance on immigration; his proposals amount to simply enforcing the law and protecting America.

Rest assured, they will continue to fight, as Greenblatt pledges to do (apparently using Trump’s own donations to the subversive, anti-American organization over the past decade):
Greenblatt said he believes Trump is “tapping a nerve” in an America that is anxious about its economic prospects and long-term status and where many in so-called middle America “don’t know where they fit” amid an increasingly globalized, technology-driven economy. “Donald Trump is speaking to those impulses,” he said, “but not with serious policy prescriptions. Not with serious ideas. That’s the issue.”
Added Greenblatt: “His rise reflects the same kind of anxiety that you see in Europe right now — with migrants coming in, these refugees, people being unsure, ISIS’s violence and the kind of nihilism (of Islamist terrorism)… It’s in the Middle East, it’s in Europe, it’s here in Israel, and it’s in North America. There is a great deal of unease and I believe that is creating conditions in which someone like Trump can rise.”
The best answer to bias and to bad ideas, he went on, “is better ideas.”
And that was why the ADL recently announced that a sum equivalent to the $56,000 Trump has contributed to the ADL over the past decade would be directed to educational programs. Specifically, as Greenblatt noted in recent Time magazine article, the funds will go to “anti-bias education programs that address exactly the kind of stereotyping and scapegoating he has injected into this political season.”
This entire struggle we are engaged in revolves around information, ideas, and perspectives, and the organized Jewish community has maintained a monopoly on information, ideas, and perspectives for a very, very long time. The Jews correctly view Trump and the people supporting him as a major threat to their control of the political discourse in this country.

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