Apr 21, 2016

Another Dodgy Dossier

via Western Spring

How could anyone vote to leave the European Union now that we know that we will all be £4,300 a year better off by 2030 if we stay in? Except that we will all be better off anyway even if we leave, just not by quite as much – and all of that is assuming that economic growth continues at a predictable rate until 2030. And in economics nothing is predictable. If we are trying to look forward fourteen years to 2030, try instead to look back fourteen years to 2001 and ask yourself which economists then predicted the crash of 2008 – answer, none.
It is not just dodgy forecasts that we can pick up from the Treasury’s document. There are also all those little things which the Treasury did not see fit to deal with but which will have quite a significant, and positive, impact should we choose to leave. To mention a few; freedom from regulation, freedom to trade with the rest of the world, freedom from having to pay umpteen millions to the EU every day, freedom from the colossal cost to the infrastructure (schools, housing, transport, NHS etc.) of mass immigration.

Now, with mass immigration I come to the point which really interests anyone who supports Western Spring. It is beyond belief that the Chancellor of the Exchequer in a government which is pledged to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands has predicated much of his strategy for “Remain” on the crude GDP growth dependant on mass immigration adding a further 3.3 million EU migrants to our population by 2030, which is about 235,000 per annum. These figures do not include immigration from outside the EU, nor do they take into account births to all the newcomers and to all the “Non-White British” already here.

So here are some facts  – not forecasts because the implications are obvious – of my own. Excluding the other countries of the United Kingdom,whose populations are more or less static and which attract little immigration, the population of England at the census of 2011 was 53 million of whom 42 million (80%) declared themselves to be White British. (It may be of interest to note that the population of England according to the census of 1951 was then 42 million, almost all White British).

The 20% who are not White British have 35% of the children born annually in England adding another 245,000 to their number every year. Net immigration, excluding UK citizens returning to the country after a spell abroad, is running at 363,000 per annum. A total increase of 608,000 every year, a figure which can only go up as children are born to the new arrivals. Given these figures it is easy to see how the Office for National Statistics has concluded that White British people will be a minority among under eighteens by 2037, just 21 years from now.

Our national identity is being ground out of existence and Englishmen such as George Osborne and David Cameron are throwing the entire government machine into hastening the process. They must be thwarted.

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