Apr 19, 2016

Billionaire Leftist Jew (and Hillary MegaDonor) Gives Cruz 11 Million — to Stop Trump!

via DavidDuke.com

James Simons, director of Renaissance
Technologies LLC
If you needed any more evidence that in America the Zio-controlled governing party and the Zio-controlled opposition party are two sides of the same shekel, look no further. Jewish tribalist billionaire James Simons has given mega millions to leftist Democrats, Barack Obama and potential shiksa-in-chief Hillary Clinton. Recently Simons has given the huge amount of 11 million dollars to a son of a preacher and part-time Bela Lugosi impersonator Ted Cruz in a desperate attempt to stop Trump!

This should make it clear that Cruz is no outsider but the most connected insider possible. While Cruz rails against “NY values”  he gets mega millions from the the New York elite, the same elite that are the biggest long-time supporters of the Likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton! Another interesting fact is that Simons is also a megadonor to Planned Parenthood, who hypocrite Cruz rails against.  So Simons obviously has no worries about his millions of dollars being able to control Cruz, but he is deathly afraid of Donald Trump — What else do you need to know.

Here are some excerpts that have the facts on Simon’s billions of dollars to Cruz! . . . Read more

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