Apr 1, 2016

Cameron Is Asking Britain to Sacrifice Its Sovereignty, Freedom, and Prosperity so That the EU Superstate Can Continue

via BNP News

The EU is a dictatorship run by control freaks.

These people who we know only by what they have created are unelectable and use creeps like Tony Blair and David Cameron and his dogs to bend our brains into submission.

Look at what you see, for they are there in Westminster in the role of puppets year after year until there is nothing left of the will to remain independent.

Bankers and transnational companies have eroded our ability to govern ourselves as a nation and now is the time to stop the rot before it is too late.

We will be unable to stop any further slide into the strait-jackets unless we tell these arrogant, ignorant politicians such as Blair and Cameron that we have had enough.
The EU is the biggest-failing trading bloc in the World. Its share of the world economy has almost halved since 1980.

Throughout Europe people recognize the rot and corruption of the parties that have pushed nations to the precipice of catastrophe.

Cameron is asking Britain to sacrifice its sovereignty, democracy and prosperity so that the EU superstate can continue.

Britain has sacrificed itself twice in a hundred years to stop Germany controlling Europe; we should not do it a third time.

After the Referendum, all MPs who have voted for Britain to be subservient to a foreign power, should be stripped of their office and banned from ever holding elective office again.

If you do not believe that Britain should be a sovereign independent and free Nation, why are you sitting in the Houses of Parliament of the UK and drawing massive salary in the first place?

Great Britain now has the perfect opportunity to reshape the western world by first leaving the EU and then setting a benchmark for the future in a very uncertain world.

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