Apr 14, 2016

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On Darwin Day it would be of no burden to equate evolutionary biology to that of genetic inheritance and current racial issues. Issues of which will not foresee a resolution at any functioning date to imagine the impact for cultural posterity.

The beyond-legendary naturalist stated in 1881 that ‘If everyone were cast in the same mold; there would be no such thing as beauty’. This was indeed not in context to the Islamic get-together in Calais et al yet the core value of the beauty of which he referred to was wide-ranging and thus open to an evolutionary interpretation.

Sir Charles Darwin
As with everything of which binds and identifies as beautiful to Western societies; an identitarian individual or collective must ensure with their utmost might and integrity that such beauty is preserved and indeed strengthened. Strengthening such values is the only vessel of which to repel the amorphic-left and lobbied-globalists.

With preservation of a culture comes a duty of envisioning and ascertaining objective, calculable and achievable methodologies in which a culture may utilize to thwart threats from dangers spanning ethics, geographics and numeracies to ensure that ideas spewed from protagonists of whom propel such dangerous hostilities as mass-migration upon their host-culture are in future repelled immediately. Simultaneously, plans need to be established and fortified to identify and neutralise those who wish to attack said culture from beyond her boundaries. These two objectives are not mutually-exclusive as exampled via the subject matter included herein.

A strength and resistance to falsities and the ever-staining ad hominem threat of corrective-politico-thoughtism must be implemented into action to end the insidious nature of those whom wish to efface what our ancestors have exclusively gifted. That of which causes admiration throughout every reach of the entirety of this planet and envy for those unlucky not to have a history associated with an empire which Britain cultivated from her strength.

Albeit through polarising ambitions and through many lobbied interests; Western governments have ensured a ‘can not, will not falter’ attitude in the fight against climate variation. This total-effort of thought, action and expense is what should be implemented into an assurance of the safeguarding of Britain and indeed European inheritance, culture and assets. For we owe nothing to those outside of our culture as they do not to us; it is that we owe an assurance to our future generation of whom are the key to advancement and evolution of a culture. To state this truth is not to be loquacious, not to disclose cunning of a discriminatory offence against any single being; yet to ensure that an unfaltering line of gain for our posterity is assured. This objective observation is key to preservation not to one culture; yet to all whom adhere themselves as a societal, exclusive culture based on the basic fundamentals required to be one. This is the beauty of culture; the pluralistic value of which we differ and deter to retain and cherish what we call ours.

"For we owe nothing to those outside of our culture as they do not to us; it is that we owe an assurance to our future generation of whom are the key to advancement and evolution of a culture."

Preservation is not a vessel of hate, nor deceitful purpose, in any entirety. It is the architecture on which success and accumulation, to any order of magnitude, can be utilized by those of whom create the collective of culture; the family unit and outbound to the community. As an island nation and one of insignificant genetic-displacement for over ten-thousand years; these Albion isles have a firm right to such preservation and to utilization of any tools available to ensure that there is no risk of displacement of this inheritance and culture. To state or demand otherwise would be from a tongue salivating with hate. A culture must always have an imperishable right to ensure her longevity. A culture must always have a larger right to exclusivity than the rights of those whom mean to disfigure, retard or displace it by any means.

A culture truly illuminates her beauty and status when people wish to become part of such culture. A culture clearly illustrates her stature and morality when people attempt to impose a foreign ideology in order to destabilise her. Those, for whichever reason, who have joined to an alien culture must adapt and respect their new surroundings or return to their mother-culture.

Any indignant or devious action, including forced, undemocratic processes of multiculturalism is one which cannot be tolerated. Aimed mass migration was perhaps the first clear sign of genocidal intent in a non-franchised yet symbiotic attempt from illiberati, oikophobic government and Mid-East migrants alike. The denial toward and persecution of those whom highlight the potential damage or the sheer scale of unknown quantities of migrants from Syria and her neighbouring countries is the symptom which illustrates the intent.

An aerial view of the vast Zaatri migrant camp in Jordan; of whom has absorbed but a tiny fraction of that that prominent European countries have

From Labour changing their voter-base as opposed to their policy base to daily calls from extremists across the breadth of the Middle East (and increasingly in Europe) are extremely-harmful when coupled with doctrines such as a politically-correct culture designed to stifle not just debate yet ease of conversation on such important issues. They ensure that preservation is seen as inclusive trait to prejudice and anti-immigration. They fuse the mindset of the average onlooker to forget that there is an oceanic difference between immigration and the forced mass-immigration of which the latter is being ruthlessly implemented.


Merkel and her mass-migration have a more sinister link than staged photo opportunities would want social onlookers to be informed of.

As Europe and her public services buckle whilst intake of migrants, many of whom unnamed, undocumented and not necessarily Syrian, literally walk into Europe; China and Gulf states are taking little, if any of the human egress. Syrians are not even allowed entry into Arab countries with the exception of Sudan, Yemen, Algeria and Mauritania without a visa.

We are witnessing the defining verse in what will be the next major catastrophe in the story of Europe. The world will look on and hopefully gain initiative that culture is priceless and not always equal. Totalitarian ideologies now need-not for explosive devices and cold-war weaponry when they may out-numerate a culture simply via mass movement.

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