Apr 11, 2016

Florida Kids Had to Fill-Out “How Much Privilege Do You Have?” Questionnaire

via White GeNOcide Project

In Tampa, Florida, a Black/Hispanic teacher gave her students a questionnaire to guilt trip them for being White, straight, male, and able-bodied.

The questionnaire, titled “How much privilege do you have?” was handed out by Yoselis Ramos, the teacher of a Spanish class in Monroe Middle school.

Seventh and Eighth-graders had to fill out the form, despite Ramos not seeking the permission of the principal to do so.

The questionnaire required children to circle categories from 7 columns; “Race“, “Skin Color“, “Religion“, “Sex“, “Gender“, “Sexual Orientation“, and “Disability.

Ramos has been removed from the classroom while this is being investigated further.

If you’re White, male, straight, and able-bodied, you are considered to be “privileged”, by the anti-White system.

If our governments were really interested in fighting “privilege” they would start in the third world, where women are basically slaves, and where you can be killed for being the wrong race.

But “equality” is not about making the world a fairer place; it’s part of a much larger agenda which is about getting rid of White countries.

That’s exactly what the anti-Whites mean when they say “diversity.” They mean White genocide – to get rid of the White majority.

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