Apr 5, 2016

German AfD Party Considers Banning Mosques

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The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party may include a clause on prohibiting mosques in their forthcoming Spring manifesto, according to a purported leaked document. 

The policy statement, which has been linked to the party’s more socially conservative Bavarian branch, has come to light as internal party factions struggle over the content of the April manifesto. It calls for banning the construction of new mosques and minarets, and already operating ones be closed.

The paper has been acquired by the Editorial Network Germany (Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, RND) reports Deutsche Welle.

Entitled ‘The Courage to Take Responsibility’, the paper had strong words for Islam in Germany, and the mosques which support it. These Mosques “do not just serve common prayer, but also the spreading of Islamic teaching, which advocates the removal of our legal order”, it said.

In a reference to the little-known Islamist practice of Taqiyya — lying to non-Muslims permitted by Sharia law — the document remarks the Koran permits “lies and deception”.

Acknowledging the expansionist tendencies of political Islam, the document also reportedly stated that it “has already arrived at its declared path toward world domination in 57 of 190 countries”.

The plan would plainly violate the German constitution and provision of basic rights which include clauses for religious freedom, but AfD explains the German constitution did not foresee the resurgence of political Islam. They remarked: “the application of religious freedom could give access to religions that call for the committing of crimes … and have the aim of world domination”.

AfD already officially supports banning minarets and calls to prayer, which it claims are inconsistent with the co-existence of religions in Germany, as the call states in Arabic there is no God other than Allah.

 Frauke Petry, leader of the AfD

Whether the policy will make it into AfD’s April manifesto is unclear, but it comes as party leader Frauke Petry works to reinforce her party’s image as one ordinary Germans may consider voting for. Regardless the party is taking a strong anti-Islamification line, with the draft manifesto as it presently stands stating clearly: “Islam does not belong to Germany”.

The phrase may seem strangely worded, but it is a direct reference made to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Speaking just days after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in Paris by Islamist militants in 2015, Chancellor Merkel affirmed her position on the subject by declaring “Islam belongs to Germany”, as reported by Breitbart London at the time.

Her words were themselves a reference to remarks by former German president Christian Wulff who said five years before that Islam was “part” of Germany.

Other policies presently in the draft manifesto include a burqa ban, and permitting only German-educated imams to work in a bid to stem the further influence of foreign radicals.

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