Apr 13, 2016

LambdaConf Programming Conference "Disinvites" Speaker for Being Pro-White

via Aryan Skynet

It happened again. Curtis Yarvin, known by his nom-de-plum “Mencius Moldbug,” was disinvited from a computer conference for his “Neo-Reactionary” writings.
The organizers of LambdaConf, now in its third year, describe it as “one of the largest, most diverse gatherings of functional programmers in the world”. This year, it selected Curtis Yarvin as a speaker – a man known as a founder and advocate of an ideological movement that promotes racist bigotry, and as an apologist for slavery.
Yarvin’s selection as a speaker says to marginalized people that their humanity is considered merely another matter for debate. LambdaConf cannot live up to its goal of being a “friendly community of like-minded souls” when it does not protect current and potential members of that community who are vulnerable to those who would deny their humanity.
We believe that functional programming should warmly welcome those who have been systemically excluded from participating in programming communities. We strongly object to LambdaConf’s actions, which are a step backwards as we work together to share functional programming with a wide audience.

There’s no point is arguing about “racist bigotry” or the label “apologist for slavery.” There’s no need to try to unpack what it means exactly to “protect current and potential members of that community who are vulnerable to those who would deny their humanity.” We all know exactly what’s going on. Yarvin is guilty of SpeechCrime and WrongThink, thus must be banned from this conference in order to create a “safe space” for “Social Justice Warriors.” Any company that hires Yarvin or uses his products will be the victim of an online lynch mob, boycotts, and other threats. Anyone defending Yarvin will likely become a target themselves: people will contact their employers and try to have them fired, they will be accused of all sorts of awful things and the truth won’t be a defense. This is how the left-wing mob operates.

Of course, Yarvin wasn’t being invited to this conference to discuss politics or his “Dark Enlightenment neo-reactionary” philosophy. He was invited to discuss his computer programming. It’s impossible to imagine Yarvin had any intention of discussing social issues at all. But it didn’t matter, the social justice warriors would feel “unsafe” because of his political incorrect thoughts he expresses on his own time.


Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones recounts the fight from a few years back over Indiana’s religious liberty law. When the people of Indiana got uppity and decided to allow Christians to not participate in “same sex marriages,” corporate CEOs from California flew into the state to threaten economic sanctions. Now, Georgia is being threatened by Disney over a similar law. But perhaps nothing is as absurd than what is happening to North Carolina.

North Carolina has passed a law protecting segregated facilities. A return to the Jim Crow era of seperate water fountains for whites and blacks? No, the segregated facilities are men’s and women’s restrooms. Even just a few years ago, no one could have predicted that there would be a nation-wide movement, one supported by a not-insignificant faction of Fortune 500 and celebrity CEOs, to demand men’s access to women’s restrooms, and vice versa. No one could have imagined that having separate restrooms for men and women would become “problematic,” “discriminatory,” and an “impediment to progress.”

But if women can have penises and men can have vaginas, separate restrooms for men and women must be abolished. And the only people who could possibly object are racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, Islamophobes, and anti-semite neo-Nazi KKK Donald Trump voters.


Jones calls this “revolution” and notes the three groups of people behind this social activism: Jews, homosexuals, and oligarchs. What do these groups have in common? They are very small minorities, but combined they have outsize access to finance and media. Jones talks about the Black-Jewish alliance of the early part of the 20th century. Jews used groups like the NAACP as proxy warriors to attack their enemies, White Southerners and Northern white Catholic ethnics. But by the 1960s, this alliance was falling apart. Blacks started to notice that the institutions ostensibly working in their interests were actually run by Jews, and by the end of the 1960s, the New Left was showing troubling solidarity with the Palestinians, leading many Jews to stop calling themselves “leftists” and start calling themselves “neo-conservatives.”

At some point, homosexuals became the new proxy warriors, and now “gay rights” is being imposed, not by democracy, but by judicial fiat and economic sanctions.
Bernie Sander’s fans never tire of signaling as “anti-corporate” and “against the 1%” but always fail to realize that most of their social ideals are championed by the corporate elite. Every corporation in the USA is officially anti-racist, anti-sexist, and pro-homosexual. Progressive Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and libertarian Republicans like David Koch both support mass immigration of cheap labor. And, as Curtis Yarvin himself has pointed our repeatedly, neither of these groups is particularly concerned with democracy and the will of the majority. Progressives could never get gay marriage passed via the ballot, so judges simply declared it “unconstitutional” to not have gay marriage. To ask where in the Constitution does it say anything about “same sex marriage” is simply to prove yourself to be an unenlightened rube expressing raw hatred.

You can tell who and what is behind these things by simply finding out the one popular issue among left-wing activists that is actually out-of-bounds: suggesting that the Palestinians should not be genocided and be allowed to have their own nation. The Zionists use the same tactics as the Social Justice Warriors, attempting to ruin and impoverish any leftist that dares to speak out for Palestinian rights via putting pressure on their current and future employers. Hence, Theycant.com proudly lists the videos they have had banned from youtube, the Facebook pages that have been shutdown, and brags that “millions of voices will never be heard again,” which has some downright sinister implications for the Palestinians. Similarly, CanaryMission.org “publiciz[es] the identities of pro-Palestinian student activists to prevent them from getting jobs after they graduate from college,” because “it is your duty to ensure that today’s radicals are not tomorrow’s employees.

You have to fight fire with fire, so anti-SJW writer VoxDay is giving us SJWlist.com. Social Justice Warriors who have harassed people and attempted to get them fired or prevent them from being hired can now be listed on the site, to “help SJW-converged organizations locate and identify Social Justice Warriors they wish to hire or otherwise support.”

Or, giving HR departments a list of people likely to make complaints about “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “transphobia,” “Islamophobia,” “anti-semitism,” or not being allowed to use the ladies’ room simply because one has a penis.

It really couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people.


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