Apr 5, 2016

Light 'Em up - It's Autism Awareness Day

via Compulsory Diversity News

In keeping with Diversity's goal to make every day a celebration of impurity, perversity, inferiority, deformity, or infirmity, let us take time out to recognize that today is Autism Awareness Day! Quoting:
Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on April second and with it, many supporters and experts are explaining the world the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. A major and worldwide campaign is spreading to create awareness for patients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), with the slogan of “Light up Blue” the organization Autism Speaks seeks to create a better understanding of what the disease is and how it should be treated. [...]

The “Light up Blue” campaign has spread across the globe, places such as the Israeli Parliament, The Panama Canal, The Orlando eye, Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer, The great Buddha of Japan and several iconic retailers in New York City have light a blue light on them for the cause.
So you are suggesting that we recognize these special people with some sort of blue light. A Blue Light Special, if you will... HAHAHAHAHA!

The anti-vaxxers who think Jewish doctors are responsible for the autism epidemic are just going to love the color you chose for your Awareness campaign. Israeli parliament indeed. Again - HAHAHAHAHA!

Honestly, I am exhausted by the effort of living in a world that is rapidly filling up with both diagnosed and undiagnosed retards. And that is what autistic kids are, they are retarded. That's what we called them when I was a kid in the 1980's. Now we call them autistic and blame vaccines. We make a special distinction between hand-flappers and head-slappers where one previously did not exist because neither could function in society without significant supervision. We start making a social distinction between the two, and then everyone panics because it appears as if there has been an explosion in the number of autistic kids. Well of course there has. If you have the choice between labeling your retard as a "retard" or "autistic", which do you choose?

The possibility that the increase in autism is attributable to reclassifying retards as autistic is called "diagnostic substitution" by scholars. I call it label creep. Long ago, people who couldn't communicate properly or function in society were simply called idiots. When they displayed a remarkable talent in addition to their idiocy, we called them idiot savants. Clinicians wanted a label that wasn't as harsh as idiot, so it crept to retarded, which crept to handicapped, which crept to mentally challenged, which crept to special needs. And what about the idiot savants of yesteryear? We now call them autistic. They have always been there, we just call them something different now. Do you get it? If you are an anti-vaxxer, the answer is: "DDDUUUURRRRPPPPP!!!! Muh autism epidemic!"

Well, certainly we have never had such a high savant to idiot ratio, right? So something must be increasing the number of autists vs. retards, right? Must be vaccines! Perhaps. I don't know. One complicating factor is human nature. It couldn't simply be that political correctness is making us treat each defective snowflake as if it has more going for it than it actually does, right? It couldn't possibly be that a century of dysgenic breeding and keeping alive the unfit, coupled with those unfit people having kids later in life, has led to a decrease in the quality of offspring?

I think my questions are just as valid as those of the anti-vaxxers, but as usual I am out of both the mainstream and the counter-culture. How so? Because I am not going to encourage you to vaccinate your children if you don't want to, but I am also not going to condemn the utility of centuries old science. A plague on all your houses. The world is filled with people unworthy of life, and I hope daily for some catastrophe that will bring the population back down to B.C. levels. I believe vaccines control epidemics. I believe it is possible that vaccines have other harmful effects. Therefore, roll the dice I say. Let's see what happens.

Of course, if this was a sane society that had use for people like me, I would be willing to conduct the experiments that could settle the dispute once and for all. In a society where such research was legal, it would only take a few hundred test subjects to settle the issue that might save millions of people the misfortune of being autistic or having autistic children as a potential side effect of vaccines. The mainstream and the counter-culture are willing to gamble with the lives of millions or even billions based on their contrary beliefs. The matter could be settled with just a few hundred test subjects handed over to a legally-empowered technical professional. Who's the real monster here?

The question is rhetorical. I know it is still me.

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