Apr 20, 2016

Majority of Republicans Favor Punishment of Women Who Have Illegal Abortions

via The Audacious Epigone

Since the beginning of April Reuters-Ipsos has conducted a daily tracking poll asking respondents what penalty, if any, should be given to a mother who chooses to illegally abort her fetus. Among Republicans, a modest majority, 55.8%, favors some sort of punishment for the woman to the 44.2% who do not think she should be punished (n = 1,114). Even among Republican women a slight majority, at 51.5%, favors punishment to 48.5% who do not (n = 748). Punishment is a minority position only just among likely general election voters, with 44.0% favoring some sort of punishment to 56.0% who are opposed (n = 2,414).

In Wisconsin, following an allegedly seriously damaging remark (that offered the only remotely consistent moral position for those who see abortion as tantamount to murder), Trump for the first time performed equally as well with women as he did with men. In every other state with exit polling data so far Trump has fared relatively poorly with women.

This isn't to cheer the injection the Culture War into an election that has been mostly devoid of it. Far from it. It is, however, a gentle reminder for those on the Trump Train that it's okay, often even politically advantageous, for our man to go with his gut, to let Trump be Trump. His instincts are good, and his supporters are the most committed of any candidate by far. When he steps off in an unexpected direction, he's not putting his support at much risk while simultaneously snagging some Cruz or Kasich voters who are less committed to their guys.

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