Apr 4, 2016

Music, Shirts, and a New Daily Show: The Growth of the Traditionalist Worker Party

via TradYouth

I am happy to report a series of projects that are on the way for the Traditionalist Worker Party. First, we are unveiling a series of EP’s and full albums that will be released over the next few months from our talented comrades. Our Mid-Atlantic chapter leader, Paddy Tarleton, will be releasing the first music in a traditional American folk style.

These songs such as “Sovereignty and Blood Forever” and “The Ballad of Tiny Tim Wise” will have you singing along and stomping your feet. You can expect several albums this year, released by a local nationalist record label, that will be available for free download on our Party website and through purchasing from our comrades.

We know that folks are going to download music anyway, and that’s good! We need to distribute the ideas and principles of Faith, Family and Folk to as many people as possible. If you like the music, put some money in our tip jar and buy the records and share share share that music to friends, family members and coworkers. The Left has used music to promote their agenda for ages, and it’s time to take this fight to the cultural front line.

Our clothing line called “FashWear” is also on the cusp of being released. There are plenty of nationalist clothing items in the United States, but so many of the movements and heroes that inspire us haven’t been given the proper love and respect. We have shirts of Corneliu Codreanu, Sir Oswald Mosley, Jose Antonio, Francisco Franco, Ioannis Metaxas, Léon Degrelle and others going through the initial production run as we speak.

As soon as we make sure that all of the shirt designs are of the highest quality, they will be available for sale. The t-shirt pressing will be done by a married Party comrade who has a small business with his wife, so not only will your shirt purchases #Trigger Leftists far and wide, you will be supporting Party activities, new designs and helping out a fellow nationalist take care of his family; that’s win/win/win in my book.

The clothing line will include specific Party shirts, historical leaders and other designs that are guaranteed to turn heads and allow each and every one of our Party comrades and supporters to show their love of Faith, Family and Folk to the world.

Another exciting announcement is that I will be starting a Monday through Friday live show courtesy of the kind folks at The Daily Stormer and Radio Aryan. Most of you have followed my weekly shows, but we think that in order to get more content out there and be able to talk on breaking news stories, we need to go to a daily show. I will be hosting interviews, have regular cohosts, answer questions and will be also having call-in sections so you can get involved too!

On top of all of this, we are currently putting together our first edition of our Party quarterly publication that will go out to all Party comrades. We have an exciting lineup of old and new writers to give their perspective on ideology, current events and subjects relating to Traditionalism such as homeschooling and maintaining things like a garden and tips on animal husbandry for the budding farmer or even those living in a city. This will be a publication you will not want to miss.

My thanks go out to each and every one of you because without you, it wouldn’t be possible. The stakeholders of Trad Youth and Trad Worker have put a lot of time, effort and personal finances into this, but your support (financially and on the streets) has made all this possible. For anyone who isn’t yet a Party comrade, join today at www.tradworker.org!

As a comrade you in your first membership packet get a Party shirt, Party pin, leaflets, stickers and other materials; and become part of the Revolution. Each sustaining comrade gets the publication, quarterly propaganda resupply and gets connected with local activists. We are creating art, music, small businesses, and growing chapters all around this country thanks to each and every one of you. Thanks for the support, “current year” is turning out to truly be OUR YEAR!
Hail Victory my friends, the Revolution is NOW!

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