Apr 6, 2016

Scotland’s Secret: Race, Nation, Culture -- Three Pillars that Can Make Even Small Nations Great

via London Forum

It is simple.  It is obvious.  Our ancestors instinctively knew it and we still know it, though we often daren’t admit it. Nationalism informs us that the three elements of Race/Ethnicity, Culture/Religion/Values and Nation/State are inseparable and once bound together can make a people great, however small or poor their land and resources. Yet if one of the elements is lost, all is lost.  If Scotland became inhabited by a population that was 99% Chinese it would no longer be Scotland, the Scottish Culture would disappear and the people soon follow.  Likewise if China became 99% Scottish, China would cease to be China.  Such things cannot be denied.  No arguing with any of that you would say?  Common sense wouldn't you say? 

Well the Nationalist 'Scottish National Party' bizarrely disagrees.  Jez Turner is real Nationalist and therefore a patriot for all patrias and a Nationalist for all Nations.  Cooperation between Nationalisms is the only internationalism that really makes any sense. A true Nationalist wants all peoples to have their own nation and, crucially, control over their own nation.  The SNP should take note.

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