Apr 15, 2016

Sweden Is the Globalists' Lab-Rat

via BNP News

It’s where they test Cultural Marxism, political correctness, indoctrination, media manipulation, suppression of free speech, etc.
The only part left to test is a massive financial crisis, where the highly indebted Swedes will have the rug ripped out from under them in a financial apocalypse that will put the Great Depression to shame.

My guess is 2018, after the elections.

Sweden is lost.

Already in 2015, the results from the Swedish experiments were encouraging enough for the Globalists to order Merkel to go ahead and open the floodgates for Muslim invaders into Europe.

Normal people know something is wrong when they see it. But they need a moral compass for that (an education).

When millions of people act like brainwashed zombies, and applaud attacks by the violent Left against dissenters, it is a tragedy of unspeakable proportions.

It must be how the sensible Germans must have felt (in the 1930s), knowing they have little power to speak against the masses of brainwashed National Socialists.

The only thing that changed, it is now the International Socialists doing the “social engineering”, “state bullying”, and soon… bringing in the troops on the streets (as Germany already started) to consolidate power.

People must stop using their made-up jargon, and call them for what they are: regressives, social bullies, bigots.

It is applying advanced techniques of psychological manipulation, en masse, to vulnerable youngsters.

We have it in this country. I suspect children are told that to be anti EU is to be racist and xenophobic. It’s these trigger words that create an emotional response, and in doing so prevent critical analysis.

That is exactly what these words are meant to do: stop any dissenting thoughts in their tracks.

Another Regressive Left technique is “Double-Speech” or “Double-Think” jargon. For example, calling themselves “progressive” or “liberal” when they are in fact the opposite.

Other examples are “social justice warriors” when there is nothing of “justice” and even less “warriors”, but more to do with “social bullying”.

People must stop using their made-up jargon, and call them for what they are: regressives, social bullies, bigots.

If you can control what people say, you can control what they think.

Are you going to see your children, grandchildren bought up as Muslims or paying the Jizya (the tax on non-believers)?

Are you going to contemplate what true civil war actually brings because that is the direction this country is going in – as well as most of Europe?

There will be no need to worry about democracy because there will not be any; not that there was before because it had been hijacked by the high priests and priestesses of political correctness who brainwashed all those available for such a procedure.

Our sons and the daughters will look at us parents and say “how could you let this have happen? “What were you doing to prevent it look at our lives now – this is your fault!”

Why did you not tell us or explain to us or fight for freedom, why did you just let us slide into state like this. Why did you keep voting for parties that promoted this?

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