Apr 12, 2016

The Daily Traditionalist: Host Matt Heimbach Talks with Orthodox Priest Dr. Matthew Johnson

via Radio Aryan

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Orthodox priest Father Matt ‘Raphael’ Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s podcast. Dr Johnson will be producing a new series of The Orthodox Nationalist for Radio Aryan starting next week and he starts by talking about the original series and what a pleasant suprise it was to see how well they were recieved. It became one of the most popular shows on Voice of Reason, despite just being based around lectures that he used to give at college. Much of the subject matter had a huge bearing on the events of today involving Russia and the Ukraine and it gave a chance to hear that history from a Christian Nationalist viewpoint, as opposed to the usual politically corrected version.

 It also dealt with some of the more obscure former Soviet countries and highlighted something which Father Raphael calls ‘Johnson’s Law’ – that the smaller and more obscure the country is, the greater the lies that can be told about it by the media are. This probably has something to do with there being less people around to complain about it.

 The discussion then moves on to Russia and the reasons for why Putin is hated so much by the Western establishment. Johnson puts forward three main reasons for this, that he nationalised the oil, did not use the IMF to rebuild the economy and refused to have Russia play a subservient role to the US. Because of this, Putin has been more demonised than any Soviet dictator ever was.

 Heimbach then asks Johnson to define what the ideology of the West actually is, since Democracy has now become a code word for Liberalism and has nothing to do with elections, as we saw in the Crimea.

 Johnson replies that the West is as close to an ideal oligarchy that you could ever get. In fact in the nineties, the establishment were openly defending oligarchy and saying that this is what real freedom and capitalism are all about! Putin rejected these oligarchs and prevented them from working against Russian interests, which turned out to be Putin’s ultimate sin.

 The US cannot defeat the military alliance that Putin has now formed with China and elsewhere because the US does not have the resources to fight back. The public debt is now the same as the private debt and at some point China is going to close the checkbook and stop lending money to America. It will be at this point, that our organisations will come into their own and replace the establishment’s collapsing institutions which will no longer be able to function. The Traditionalist Worker Party and others are already taking steps to provide the essential services to White people that the government are no longer able to provide.

 Finally Heimbach puts Johnson on the spot and asks him when we can expect to see some new Orthodox Nationalist podcasts, to which he answers that he will be back in the studio within the next couple of days.

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